10 best privacy apps for Android

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Privacy is a big deal these days. Facebook is all over the place with Congress and the whole Cambridge Analytica thing. People are more aware of their privacy (or lack thereof) than ever before. So lets break it down. Privacy apps do one of two things. They keep others from seeing what you do and they let you see what companies are doing to you. We have a healthy mix of both in this list. Let’s check out the best privacy apps for Android!

Firefox Focus is another excellent web browser with privacy in mind. This one does a little more than most of its competitors. That includes blocking a wide range of common web trackers and advertisements. The developers say that this also improves browsing speeds as well. Its hallmark feature is a one-button wipe function. You simply press a button and your browsing history goes away. That’s a neat little trick. This one is entirely free to download and use.

Firefox Focus

K-9 Mail is one of the few trustworthy email apps. It’s totally free and also open source. Thus, you can see what this app actually does. It includes most of the desirable features for an email app. That includes support for most email services, archiving, and even Exchange 2003/2007 support. It also works with the OpenKeychain: Easy PGP app. That adds encryption to the mix as well. That’s about as good as it gets in this space, even though it requires two different apps. ProtonMail is another excellent app in this space.

K-9 Mail

Musicolet is an interesting music player app. It plays your stored music without any fuss. The app boasts a few decent features, like multiple queues, playlist support, album art, and tag editing. It also manages to do all of this without Internet permissions. Music apps don’t typically mess with people’s privacy. Still, it’s nice that an option like this one exists. It’s also a totally free app with no advertising (obviously).


VPNs are among the very best privacy apps. They let you connect to a virtual network that hides what you do from the actual network. This basically lets you browse without anyone knowing what you’re doing (or even where you are). We’ll start by recommending ProtonVPN. It’s a free VPN with a no logging policy. It also boasts encryption, full transparency, and more. You can get VPNs with more features and higher bandwidth, but they usually cost money. This one is great for people who just need something to pay a bill online while at the airport or other sensitive tasks that they don’t want their ISP (or anyone connected to public WiFi) to see.


If we missed any great privacy apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments below! You can also check out our latest Android app and game lists by clicking here!

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10 best privacy apps for Android

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