10 Best Specific Sub-genres of All Time – Movie Lists

We’ve got one more episode before we hit the century mark on CineFix Movie Lists, and we’re keeping it personal again. After writer Billy Jackson shared his …


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10 Best Specific Sub-genres of All Time – Movie Lists

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  1. I don't care about movies that "are about me", I care about movies that are good. In fact I think its insanely arrogant and narcissistic to describe movies that way. Unless a movie is specifically about a specific demographic or person, its not telling anyone's story.

  2. How is Get Out an unfamiliar narrative? Because it's supposed to be spooky and about black people living through a spooky movie? Fuck outta here with that noob analysis.

  3. I got to see Temple of Doom in the theater, and it was one of my favorite memories from the cinema. The nightclub, the inflatable raft from ????? feet up, the dinner at the palace, the Besting Heart being pulled from a man's chest, mine ride, and finally that awesome rope bridge, with Crocs eating your broken body down below. I was overstimulated to say the least. And kids at school kept having me tell the monkey brains and heart scene over and over.

  4. So glad someone else loves The Fountain. It's tragic and heartbreaking but it is one of the most honest representations of love ever committed to film. As sad as it is it always makes me feel hopeful.

  5. You forgot to mention that Jaws, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park had John Williams composing, which can greatly influence one's feeling and opinion of a movie.

  6. I really appreciate the intent behind the last subcategory you talk about. We need more people who think like that. Thanks for including films with “unfamiliar narratives.”

  7. I was having kind of a difficult day so I pulled up the movie lists playlist (as I normally do) and just off this first video I felt instantly soothed simply by being reminded of the sheer beauty of film and the way it affects other people (and myself). I'm forever grateful for these lists.

  8. And on #1, how liberals are trying to ruin movies. Can you hate yourself a bit less? It's embarrassing and, for me, it makes all your opinions look a lot less worthy.

    · Non-white people, be proud of yourself
    · Gay people, be proud of yourself
    · Non-christian people, be proud of yourself
    · Straight white Christians, kill yourself and erase yourself from all of history

  9. This might have been your best list yet. Such a personal and yet simultaneously universal expression of how films affect us. This was very well done. Kudos, guys.

  10. Paused to say that I makes me happy that someone else appreciates The Brothers Bloom. Everyone I've ever talked to about it that has seen it have treated it as "meh" or lower. (Sideline: I always forget that was Ruffalo in it. Every single time.)

  11. Damn the only one I didn't like in this list was The Fountain I would probably put Come and See or city of life and death, both make me cry every frakkin' time, and about my number #2 it was first Jaws, then Jurassic Park, and at last Saving Private Ryan :O

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