2017/03/11: Strengthen the Individual: A counterpoint to Post Modern Political Correctness

This is a lecture (Q & A forthcoming) that I gave in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, on Saturday. I discuss the development of post-modernism, its relationship to Marxism, the dangers it poses…


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2017/03/11: Strengthen the Individual: A counterpoint to Post Modern Political Correctness

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  1. Jordan i like much of what you say and my journals are filled with quotes by you though I do find your vast knowledge mostly empty of a useful critique of the dominant existing economic paradigm…which as a belief strcture is hardly beyond criticism…In emphasizing the specter of marxism rather than presenting viable and useful challenges to what is it seems possible to me that paradoxically your reinforcing just what you so stridently dont want? Theres going to be a theoretical challenger to the mainstream economy by insuring its a valid and a viable challenge we'll insure the absolutely essential course correction necessary for any viable system. Thanks

  2. Dr. Peterson, I don't say this lightly; You can be compared to the Great Classics really. I think, if we're lucky as a species, to honor you as one of the Greats of Civilization. Perhaps there is hope after all. I've been mainly depressed for the last 5-7 years. Gone thru the whole medical circus, and all I got out of it was always more pills. After a while I realized it was mainly the pills that were depressing me. They also misdiagnosed me and got me anti-psychotics, which as anyone who's read a wiki article abt knows can happen.
    Just FYI: Sertralin(Zoloft) was the worst one.
    Anyways, lowering all the meds and feeling better, and it's honestly been since I heard the famous "CLEAN YOUR ROOM" talk that set me going. Maybe One can create something like meaning in this world to bear the tragedy.
    This is Exactly what we, as humans really, need to hear.

  3. That's interesting. Have you thought about Eden as nature and the "fruit of the knowledge of good and evil" as the birth of civilization? I think Adam and Eve before eating the fruit represent primitive mankind changing from a divine beast to a divine human.

    The concept of having stolen this awareness giving fruit from God is pretty interesting in itself. Following the event, God said that it was troubling because if humanity partook of the tree of life, along with the knowledge of good and evil, they would be equivalent to gods.

    This is when people became aware of needing clothes. Agriculture and settlements began. God said we'll live threw toiling for having stolen the fruit. This is also when the promise of the Word was given to man at the same time.

    When you talked about the Word being present at the beginning of time, that really got my interest. The Word was God and the Word was with God. There's a lot suggesting language was also just starting in written form, and this may be what naming the animals was about. Interestingly the early Akkadian sect used language in a quite similar fashion to the compelled speech of today, resulting in the "tower of Babil" mythos in a variety of cultures from Chinese, Babylonian, Sumerian and ofc Judeo-Christian.

    Learning to read was highly guarded as something of a state secret. The ability to amass knowledge and methods could be rather dangerous back then. The Sumerian priesthood had a power struggle where the new sect began translating texts to a new language only they could read or speak. Eventually the slight variations in language caused a quasi-civil war resulting in the Akkadian empire, eventually Babylon.

    Knowing how sacred words were at the time, they represent a special kind of structure so it makes sense to me what you refer to as giving structure to the universe. In many ways, the early priesthoods in Ur would be about their own politics, but also teaching civilians about basic agriculture and survival.

    That said, of course, the primary use for language was tracking payments, inventory and family lines. Still, a lot of folks may be familiar with Gilgamesh; that's one example of literature worthy of being an 'epic' existing at the time.

    God's Word and breath in Genesis represent not just the conditions for life, but also the actualization of life in such a way itself is a message. You could say the Word being the fundamental structure is fundamentally what the so-called "anthropic principle" is responding to

  4. Those signs at the end could only conceivably be penned by folk who hadn't listened to the speaker! How many people need to die before the myopic see the dangers of political Islamic faschism!

  5. Destroying nations culture, history and roots in action in West. Freedom of speech the immune system of a healthy free society. Ideology like communism and political Islam attack free society from within through attack on speech!

  6. What if the quaint nineteenth-century scientific theory, that Peterson still takes so seriously, actually killed off God prematurely? What if Paley was right after all, and God is not just possible but necessary to produce the design that modern science is discovering in nature? And what if the historical spectacle of the death of so-called Christianity shaking twentieth-century western civilization to its foundations was caused by what, all along, has been a transparently false premise?

    Given the facts of history and human nature, in my book, that would be just about perfect. Sorry, God doesn't need to be rescued from the belly of a whale by Friedrich Nietzsche, Fiodor Dostoievski, Carl Jung, Jordan Peterson or anybody else. He's doing just fine, thank you very much.

  7. It's funny to observe the intellectual level of Mr. Peterson, I mean, the professor is really on another level of assimilation and articulation to pass on all this dense information. You're an inspiration and a example to us all, thanks Mr. Peterson, from Brazil.

  8. how many children were born during ww2 ,Arian , then multiply that by their offspring and their offspring that is how tight the screws of mind control operate.  Factor in all the Nazi scientists university students that were given privileged lives here in the west to continue seek and search of those who escaped and their children. From one camp to Can A Da.no offence intended just a thought stimulated by this lecture no big deal.

  9. wow I never would have thought you would be afraid .  When one is tortured after awhile even a bomb doesn't matter, death who cares if one cant live.. This is how suicide bombers are created. Trauma bonding.

  10. "Truth Against the World." – Druidic motto.. interesting that the Western system of government and law comes directly from the Druidic system. Of course there have been forces within it twisting it, but the original core principles are sound as codified within esoteric knowledge. When looking at Kevin Macdonalds book Culture of Critique, especially in the beginning, he also discusses the importance of Truth in Western culture. Truth above all else. Truth above cults of personality and tribal allegiances. With many other groups, Truth takes a back seat to strong personalities and tribal allegiance. This allows them to basically make shit up and pronounce it as "truth" without the slightest shame in doing so. If it's "good" for the tribe, anything goes.

  11. As a psychologist and academic, Jordan Peterson makes way more sense for the rationality and relevance of the Christian tradition than Christian apologists today can ever hope to muster. And I'm an atheist! Salute to you, sir. Keep fighting the good fight.

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