5 MUST KNOW SIGNS of EMOTIONAL ABUSE – Mental Health talk w Kati Morton about neglect therapy stress

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5 MUST KNOW SIGNS of EMOTIONAL ABUSE – Mental Health talk w Kati Morton about neglect therapy stress

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  1. My stepfather and my mom does #1 most of the time,2 for sure, 3 they blame everything on me ,4 a whole lot my mom sometimes doesn’t show up sometimes my mom is like that saying we are going to have fun together she doesn’t want me going to my boyfriends house even she was fine with it but now I try to disapprove my parents when they say marriage is not going to happen my dad says I don’t live with him I’m 31 years old my boyfriend even says my family is acting negative to me he wishes I can live with him but my mom is like you’re stuck with me

  2. My mom was emotionally abusive (still is sometimes but I’m almost 20 so it’s different) and I fear being like her. The only time I cried at therapy was when I recounted the time I got uncharacteristically frustrated (with my guinea pigs—I almost hurt them but didn’t), and just the state I was in reminded me of my mom when she got mad at me, and it scared me. I told my therapist “I can’t be like her” and she said something which really helped: “everyone gets angry or frustrated or whatever. You’re not like your mom; you’re like everyone. And what matters is how you deal with those emotions. You didn’t hurt your guinea pigs, that’s what’s important.”

  3. Dear Kati! I was born into a family of generations of alcohol abuse, violence, emotional abuse, sexually abuse… And my mother who had born me, has been raped from her own Dad the first time when she was 8 years old. By the age of 16 she got pregnant from her own Dad and had born this girl with 17. Her Dad had to go to jail for that. When she moved together with my biological father and she got pregnant with me, she told me years later that I was a "wish child". Anyways, they drunk too much, threw the whole furniture around and at each other, beated each other, lived their sexual life open and vissible for us (by that time my second sister was born), made drinking partys and real obsessive sexual orgias! I always tried to bring me and my sister to a safe place, to the grandmother of our mother. At the weekends though, my parents brought ME for the whole weekend to my mothers parents. My grandfather started to sexually abuse me,but I was lucky cause they took us out of our own family and we were brought to two different " child homes"! We were emotionally so destroyed that 4 families brought us back, cause they couldn't handle us. Our last chance to come into a new family to stay there forever,was to seperate us. Our adoptive parents knew each other but never said a word about it,cause they wanted that we never meet again. I took the chance and stayed in this family,cause I didn't want to spent my childhood in a "child care home" til I was 18. As time moved on and I grew up,especially during my Teenager years,my adoptive mother was emotionally abusing me,like you described it. But she is a very manipulative person and when my teacher that I talked about it came to our home, she manipulated him as well and told him that this just happening in my mind and that I'm a very,very mental ill child. She did to me so many things over my whole life through,but when I talk to her about it she just over reacts and asked me always: Manuela,that's not true I would never do this to you and then are you having a psychotic episode again? Even when I have witnessess that were with me,she never confessess,then it's a complott against her and she can play her best role ever again: playing the victim of her evil daughter! My dad never understood anything about mental illnesses and told me that when I was 14. He totally turned his back on me,when I started to become a woman! Me and my fiance moved away from our home town about 5 years ago. But every single time the telephone rings, I get scared to death,cause it could be my "mother"!!! I never know what to expect when she calls me! But she is still the monster she used to be! The older she gets,the more evil she becomes! I have to deal with that til today! Does that sound familiar to you? How can I eleminate this toxic mother,without giving her the opportunity to her to play the victim of her bad daughter? Already thank you, Kati! Be blessed and lots of love from me, Manuela from Germany,to you! <3 <3 <3

  4. I can't do anything about it. I can't tell anyone. Nobody will believe me because anybody who's met my mom thinks she's a saint because she just acts that way in public. But she's constantly insulting me and wants me to register it as advice. I can't stand her!

  5. I had to watch this just to remind myself I am not crazy. Some days it’s very subtle but some days like today I have been projectile vomiting for almost 24 hours and she keeps yelling at my for keeping her up at night with my noise, ignoring me when I scream for help when I can’t move, telling me I need to clean up my vomit I’m not 5. Telling me I’m selfish and reminding me all she does for me.

  6. Almost all of these my step-dad does to me. We're both going to counselors, but NOTHING is changing! May I also add it's been something like TWO YEARS. Please someone tell me what to do, nothing is working and I'm desperate. I may be 12 but I still have rights.

  7. this video helped me realize that my parents are emotional abusive also my sister she honestly had control over my every decision thank you for making this I don't think I can get out tho

  8. My family had to move to my grandparents house and my grandma is all of these. She even thretens to hit me and she has slaped me when i have done nothing wrong and when I tell her to stop threatening me she says and I quote, "its not a threat. Its a promise." And I really dont kbow what to do. My mom doesn't do this and neather does my dad. Im onto 14 and I love my family. But I need to get out of this situation and I dont want to hurt my parents or siblings. I have a safe family friend to move in with but I'm scared. Even my friends are seeing changes in my behavior. Does anyone have any advise to help me?

  9. I don't know what to do , i really need to get out of my house but i need money to go to college( im not American but applying for US colleges). But i dont know if i can't handle this any longer …. my dad hit me today and my mom sometimes says that she loves me but sometimes treat me like shit.

  10. What if you get anxiety making choices so you’re actually relieved when someone makes decisions for you? Have I just been conditioned into letting others make choices for me or is it just my anxiety?

  11. You have describe my dad perfectly.
    I'm 18 this year and still I can't get away with this "emotional abuse". It's affect me way worst then my other sibling because dad hate me the most. I try my best to tell them how I feel but dad told me to shut up because he say that who ever hang out with me has bad influence and made me his number 1 hated child and when I'm quiet, he told me to speak up or he insult me until I cry but when I speak up, he intentionally speak louder then me. Making me feel weak and scared. Every day he would judge my apparents with how I look or what I wear and even tell me how much he disgusted looking at me. Sometimes I can't take it with this treatment that I even harm myself to an instant that when ever he insult me or make me sad/angry my body would instantly punch itself or start slapping my face cuz I'm so use to being physically abuse by him that when he emotional abuse me, my body just act on it's own to hurt me. I try reaching out but no one understand me. Lately I been thinking of suicide but I stop myself form killing myself by hurting myself. Either way, it's not a healthy solutions. I wonder how long will it take before I hang myself………..

  12. My mother Emotionally neglected me. She allowed me to be abused and made me apologize to the abuser. She wouldn't let me have emotions she also tries to latch on to me and tries to guilt me into waiting on her hand and foot she just tries to make me a copy of her

  13. You described my mum, and my past 2 ex’s… though I was frightened to recall that I acted this way towards the last ex as I retaliated from being mistreated (9 years in the original abusive relationship, then 2 years of fighting with each other over control of one another emotionally)

    For now though, I’ve distanced myself from my mum and I have a partner who loves me for who I am, we’ve been together 1.5 years and he’s helped me so much in my own confidence and in exploring the world with fresh eyes
    I enjoy giving him the same freedoms that he’s granted me, that’s what love is.

    I consider myself very fortunate as I know not everyone gets that opportunity, but the sooner those signs are recognised, the easier it is to get help (whether it’s physically getting away from the person causing you harm, or mentally – talking to people you trust or a therapist)

  14. This makes me think about my mom, a lot. Though sometimes I get confused if I'm over reacting, because she's told me I'm abusive to her and that I make HER out to be the monster…so I'm not sure at times, I hope that one day when I can afford therapy I can figure out if I am the problem or not.

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