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Acoustic Levitator DIY: levitate liquids and insects at home

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  1. We are having trouble levitating liquids. We have a bent needle with the tip removed but it is not working, the droplets keep falling. Can you tell us what liquid you are levitating in the video, and do you have any other tips?

  2. I saw and followed the manual that you provided. But it failed. I bought the sensor I bought here (
    Could the sensor cause a problem?
    The Aduino and L298N Dual Motor Drive Board made a square wave like you showed. However, when two sensors were facing, a sine wave was not formed.
    What is the frequency when a sine wave is made?
    And what was the voltage of the sine wave?
    Where is the current value of Step 19 measured?
    And are transducers and transceivers the same?
    I want to make it really successful.

  3. Hi, I recently made the minilev but the object can't levitate. I tested the transducers with an oscilloscope and they work well. I think the problem is with the voltage. Can you tell me how to increase it?


  4. Hello , my name is An-ichat , i'm french and i live in france , i would like to do an acoustic levitator for my school project . can you help me please , it's something very important for me . Sorry , i have a ver bad english.

  5. Hello,
    The supplier asked me these questions and I'm not sure of the answers to the second two.
    1,what is the size do you need?
    10mm or 14mm or 16mm?
    2,do you need plastic case or aluminium case?
    3,do you need the function of transmitter and receive to combined or separately?
    4,do you need it to be sealed or not?

  6. Through making your original design I found the easiest and fastest way to check the polarity of the transducers is to just hold them up to your mouth and create an input signal by making a popping sound with your lips. It cut a lot of time out of the process and I wasn't worried about damaging them by poking them.

  7. Hi, What would happen if i put some ferrofluid in the middle ? a magnet ?
    i was thinking to put some ferrofluid in a cylinder and make the liquid move. Is this possible ?

    Or could it be possible to code the magnets for making spin the liquid in the middle ? The liquid stay in the midle but the magnetic field make it spin ?

    I'm thinkink about that for an code project in university in art program.

  8. Looks like a great project ! I would like to build with my son. Any recommendations for a UK supplier of the transducers – you mention cost about $80, but at RS components it is £290 just for the transducers ?

  9. Does the circuit put out square waves or sine waves to the transducers? I saw both flash by on the scope. Also, why is it nessecary to use ultrasound? Why couldn't you use two piezeo tweeters and 10kHz? Then the size of the object could be 4 times as large

  10. amazing project man. I'll save your video and instructables, hopefully i can make one for myself one day. It doesn't look too complicated although im sure it harder than you make it look heh

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