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Adebayo Shittu Alleges Ajimobi Does Not Have NYSC Certificate Pt 3 | Sunday Politics |

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  1. why do we have to choose between the bad or the worst, wish more Nigerian youths would step forward for a change. Buhari has given us a greater debt than any other government, with all the money he has borrowed what has he done with it? these foolish men are killing us because of greed and selfishness, if we don't take action and don't step up now by the time we realise what has been done, the damage would be too great and almost unrecoverable. it time we stop waiting for GOD to fix all our problems and start taking actions by our selves. Everywhere around the world when I mention I am from Nigeria, the first thing anybody says is how corrupt we are, even Donald Trump insulted our country and yet Buhari went to go beg him for helicopter, but not request an apology. MY GOD I wake up ever day and I am scared for our future, lets stop ruining our country and start mending it.

  2. Listening to this man first time, shows a very dangerous hypocrite and arrogant jihadist that serious sadist that every Non-Fulani especially Yorubas ought to be very worried about this kind of man that will not blink to hand them over the the Fulani caliphate.
    Only solution for all non-Fulani to survive the comng Fulani onslaught is to reject One Nigeria and go for self-governance and self-determination or perish like Fulani slaves! God forbid!

  3. Anyone that called him a terrorist is monkey. I pity Nigerian youths more.after listening to the man who was elected into the state House of assembly at the age of 26. I repeat 26 and anyone that calls himself a youth did not learn from him then I give up on Nigerian youth. Thank you.

  4. Oga inconsequential! Which jobs has your government created? You said the Nigeria youths are inconsequential and a week later your Buhari said Nigeria youths are lazy that they don't want do anything, that they are claiming they and that they want everything for for free.

  5. I hv known this Man from 1973. He and my father Him S. L. Ojo served under Bola Ige. They served Oyo State so honest a man. He should b allowed to serve Oyo State better than Ajimobi.

  6. This people are very very stupid and they thought Nigerian are as stupid as they are, for this foolish man to say buhari has created job more than any government in the last 20 years shows that this man is indeed in need of medical attention.

  7. I hope everyone commenting here will make just an effort to vote them out please we dey beg not just to comment negatively… because we from outside Nigeria has been watching this same party winning in almost every state so far despite all we see people commenting on internet

  8. It annoys me when journalists interview politicians and don’t act firm and look into their eyes and ask them tough questions how can Minister Shittu say the APC government has performed in Corruption, security and economy 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😩😩

  9. Seun, you’re speaking English with muscle. You’re NOT eloquent.
    Although I like your passion, but you need to work behind the scenes for a while. Work under Ruben Abati ; let him help you with your challenges. Hope you improve soon.

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