Adventures at CES 2015, part one

It’s not even the first official day of CES 2015, but the biggest tech trade show of the year is already off and running. Here’s what we’ve seen so far. Subscribe: …


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Adventures at CES 2015, part one

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  1. Great video from a comedy perspective. Had me laughing out loud several times. If you're looking for journalism and reports, this isn't the place. What I appreciate is there are hundreds of "players" at CES who need to have their dreams and prototypes pushed around. Bend them, Flex them. Break them. The cream will rise to the top and expect there to only be a few. The others will retool or be absorbed into next iteration ideas. That's the beauty here.  

  2. This is extremely funny if your target audience is a bunch of douchey 16 year olds. I loved The Verge since it began, I watched every single On The Verge right after it was uploaded, everything was awesome. Right now I feel like I'm watching some douches from late night MTV just fucking around in a serious event. Fuck the new Verge, and most importantly, fuck Nilay, Josh Tops was and will always be the best.

  3. I'm not a fan of this video either. Could you try putting together a 10-15 minute video or something of what you're wanting to cover at CEX instead of spamming our feeds with 1 to 2 minute videos throughout the day? I subbed to watch the occasional video but with this you're making it difficult for me to see any video that's uploaded from anyone else I'm subscribed to.

    I'm unsubscribing for now because it's just really obnoxious. I don't appreciate the spam and it doesn't want to make me watch your videos, the way you have it now it'd just be a really tedious task to go through them. Also those comments about everything? Not funny in the slightest. The odd failed joke would be fine but this is just clips of you making fun of everything you see. That's just disrespectful and not the kind of behaviour you should be showing off at something like CES.

  4. Isn't this day 1 of CES? it's similar to a pre-show before the actual CES convention? This is where small independent company or people show of their new gadgets and tech. Plus these two are horrible at this 

  5. you guys want perfection right? I hate how people feel superior by disliking a video thats not on their levels. You english speaking people have really creative a funny comments, and I love that, in spanish is sort of like a family feeling commenting….
    but please don't be that "exigente" (hard) with people creating content.

  6. we should make fun of you and your silly attitude. this video doesn't have to be public. do some reviews and trying to look cool. By the way The verge is one of the best whatever it's called.

  7. Cmon guys this looks like high school douche behaviour.. I'm sure you don't behave like this during the entire show, but why even upload this? Just looks like you're making fun of the entire event

  8. I think because most of the successful youtubers bring some sort of humor or comedy to their videos nearly everybody tries to be a funny guy on youtube and when people aren't naturally funny, like these guys, they just come off as jackasses which is what they are. You don't have to be a funny person to make things more interesting and watchable, look at mkbhd his videos are sick because its all about focusing on what his channel is about; technology not shitty juvenile behaviour. 

  9. It's a shame, if this is the direction where Verge is headed, I'd rather not be there to witness it.  To even think they're being paid for this shit. I doubt my subscription to the channel means anything but i'm unsubscribed now. How did this even get 268 thumbs up?

  10. I can empathise with the sarcasm – it must be exhausting going to trade shows and watching all these hopeful startups with such shitty ideas, especially when the startups are so obviously sucking up to them. It's just like when you get shitty musicians on X-Factor or America's Got Talent that legitimately think they have talent when they suck.

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