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Amazing Documentary on controling Money, Power, Government, Empire

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  1. Somehow this documentary gives me hope because now I get what our problem is. There are too many people alive at this time -and inequality makes resources less accessible to the growing poor and middle class. More for the people on top who get to maintain their status. All this banking and sub prime mortgage bs is absolutely unacceptable. All I know is the poor are going to get their reward and the rich are going to hell as far as I'm concerned in the next life. That's justice that you can't measure in dollar signs.

  2. I'm disabled and live off of disability. I'm on heavy pain meds that don't work much and I'm under a constant fog. I wish I could work because disability doesn't cover much and my health is really suffering because of what I can't afford. So am I sitting here wishing I was a slave?

  3. Before watching this one, it is highly suggested you watch "The Money Masters" and "The Secrets of Oz" first….or at least in addition to viewing this documentary.   Another good one is "Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve", if you notice the various other video's, that come up (don't bother with any major or mass media sponsored/owned/funded sites, i.e. Fox, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, New York Times, etc….) take the time to educate yourself…. listen to, look at, ALL the viewpoints, and then decide.  Best not to take any-ONE single viewpoint on things, but research and form your own conclusions.  Although if you do the above, I think you will see some messages become consistent/repetitive. PS:  Watch out for Alex Jones and similar, could be there to perpetuate red herrings and such….?   Just saying… be careful!!

  4. the owners of the Federal Reserve makes a nuclear war with Russia. You want to survive? Read the Bible, she says – all the things on the earth will be burned up …. You want this? By the mother's heart – Russia wants peace and goodness. You can stop the US owners of the Fed? Peace + love = God! Together – we are force! Earth to unite against the war! God is watching us! America is deceiving and bombing and killing are not terrorists, but ordinary people as the US Federal Reserve orders. Why do we need a war?

  5. A giant step in moving toward greater financial stability for all nations can and must be achieve through an international mandate. A mandate so simple at its core and easily achievable by all nations. This great leap forward toward stability would be to require that each nations base monetary unit must be minted as a coin; in accordance with an agreed upon metallic composition e.g. % nickle, % copper, % aluminum, % silver. This would deleverage the central banks power, and at the same time bolster the wealth of nations and its people. The $ 1 coin has been a step in the right direction here in the U.S.A. ; now it must complete its task by elimination the production of their paper counterparts. The United States is in fact so wealthy contrary to popular belief that it could go further by eliminating the $ 5 in paper and coining it.

  6. You know what would be great if there was somehow a way that we can pass a law that can make it so it is illegal for companies to give money to political campaigns, so there is no way for money in influence the system. Ofcoarse money will always find a way in but just to atleast start there would be great.

  7. Unbelievably enlightening and thought provoking. Absolutely profound explanation of the state of America in this reprehensible Age of Decadence. Best documentary out there on this subject.

  8. Wtf. you people are arguing about. Its none sense. You people are Americans….
    You people can do anything-go whever anywhere in the world.
    Do whatever y'all want….
    The truth of this matter is….
    "If you ain't holding American passport…." You ain't really shit….!!!
    I'm hispanic. deported from the states.
    All them years I lived in Miami.
    Since a little kid. Then after so many years-I get deported…???
    Its not fare. Its a dirty game…

    Now that I'm in a destitute situation

    I truly wish I woulda died when I got shot to death-in the streets of Miami
    Victim of a crime….FUCK….!!!

    God Bless America.

  9. This is liberal propoganda the government forced banks to subprime lend to Hispanics and blacks because they claim it's racist not to loan a minority money for his own home(even though these subprime loans don't make a lot of sense). so the government is the one that was pushing the subprime loans, was a form of affirmative action that was guaranteed by the government. So with the government's promise they started lending like crazy witch lead to the housing bubble.

  10. This is comunist propaganda. The rich western world can waste because our society is superior to the third world system. We are declining due to trying to help Muslim and comunist nations who are in capeable of functioning without a hand out.

  11. Thank you for an excellent clarification of what is a complicated issue.
    And it is always fascinating to delve into the comments section which results from such an insightful attempt to remove the veil from our eyes…In other words you can quite clearly see the cognitive dissonance firing up a storm in the heads of those most heavily indoctrinated.
    Lol Attack the Fed, sure go ahead…Attack the Government, why not?
    But do not ever criticize the underlying system of consumer slaves, don't ever point out those people who contribute to its longevity, because you then attack them in the place where they like to live…i.e the glittering cotton-bud fairytale illusion of the American Dream.

  12. NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) and GESARA (Global Economic and Reformation Act) is moments away from being announce publicly worldwide. The Cabal has lost the war and it's bid to maintain control over humanity. We are all free sovereign people. All Cabal members are in the process of being removed/arrested. Prosperity packages will be available for everyone and for all communites. New technologies coming out will drastically change our way of life. The new paradigm shift is here. Changes requires the Peoples participation. Victory of the Light!!! Wake Up People and Be Aware!!!
    NESARA – Get Ready Folks

  13. Sorry … the idiot at the 41:25 minute mark may have just lost the editor of this vid his job …
    Got news for him Islam does not SHARE, they Kill and Take and what they don't kill they Rape and Tax
    Fucking idiot doesn't speak for me as a Christian either.
    Wanna be Expert idiot

  14. Explains why "If you like your Dr, you can keep your Dr, if you like your Insurance, you can keep your Insurance!
    You are going to save $2,500 per year!
    Obamacare … 80% against it, Illegal, Unconstitutional and passed in the dark of the night with a re-write by a Supreme Court Justice
    The Robber Barons got nothing on Obama, Obama is the King Of Sleaze Theft and Lying

  15. Stop whining and go get money. Stop letting the football game be more important than getting money. Stop letting your lover be more important than getting money. Stop letting your desire to party supersede your desire for money. Stop letting your desire for sleep outweigh your desire for money. Stop letting the night clubs, the drinking, the internet, the social media, the smart phone games and everything else distract you. Go get fucking money. The only thing holding you back is you.

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