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Anderson Cooper: Trump pulling the biggest political stunt of all

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  1. What is the point of CNN? It can't destroy Trump. Who's idea is it at CNN to destroy Trump? You have what 20 or so people, 24 hours a day badmouthing Trump, in some cases bending the news to the point of a lie and to what result? Well to be honest CNN ratings are going down and Trumps ratings are going up. CNN might be the biggest help to the Trump re election. CNN attacks his wife and children in the name of "news". The country sees this crap and most people hate a bully, especially when you go after women and children. Who at CNN cannot see this. And then you get Don Lemon with his non stop comments about what a racist country we have and how white older men are the problem. Sounds like white racist comments to me. But it's not just me. The country sees through Lemons disguised hatred of older white men. Another loss for CNN. Everyone can see that CNN NEWS is gone an CNN entertainment is here. How is that going? Actually, per the ratings, not to well. AT ONE TIME CNN WAS THE GOLD STANDARD FOR INTERNATIONAL NEWS. Who turned this into the "National Enquirer", a tabloid paper complete with porn star.

  2. It would be a great surprise to the President that the players who kneel do so on the advice of a former player and military member who told Kaepernick to not sit for the anthem, but to kneel, since that is what military members do when they are thoughtful. It would be a great suprrise to the President, because he doesn't want to know. He doesn't want to know why they silently protest.

  3. Spanky Tweetie Twump is really something else. Cadet bone spurs draft dodger. Does not support good and fair veteran benefits. 25% of Americans homeless are veterans. Tweetie Twump does a little political stunt singing with military in uniform . And he doesn’t even know the words to national songs. Sad

  4. For me, the Anthem is meaningless as long as that red faced giant Cunt is president. His very presence in the Whitehouse is disrespectful to EVERYTHING our servicemen have ever died for.   He pisses on them with every word that oozes out of his shithole mouth.

  5. Its funny, you republicans comment on these videos and trash CNN when you should be realizing you are actually contributing to their views on their videos. Soooo you actually are helping CNN. You fucken morons haha. You would never see me click on a Fox News video because I would never support a channel that is completely propaganda driven. #AnyonebutTrump2020

  6. which national anthem does T know?  He does not even know –can't even lip sync. Give T a grade of H for hypocrisy.  Tell G and T, that Stormy has better credibility and class than G and T.

  7. Fake News Cnn are idiots. Cnn puts on either racist, hate filled, or gay Trump haters constantly. In Don Lemon's case it is all 3 in one person who is the personification of fake news.
    Don Sodom and Cooper Gomorrah need to get off the public stage.
    Donald J. Trump is the best thing that's happened to this country in a long time.
    Real Americans love Donald Trump.

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