Apple Watch Series 4 review: it lives up to the hype

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been fully redesigned with new screens, new sizes, new speakers, and of course new stuff inside. There’s a faster processor, …


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Apple Watch Series 4 review: it lives up to the hype

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  1. I honestly can’t imagine the day where the gripe I have is when I’m wearing a computer on my wrist and I can’t instantly speak with Dan because I’m carrying a coffee cup. I want that to be the worst part of my day.

  2. For all that money, the watch doesn't take pictures or 15 second videos with sound. Still using the Sansung Gear 2 watch with the Note 9. The Gear 2 arrived before the first iwatch. Samsung keeps updating the software to work with the newest phones too.

  3. …they haven't turned the ECG on… I may need to return my order if it's not on when it arrives to my house in late October… smelling bs here… it's literally the only reason I bought one of these stupid watches.

  4. No. I went back to a beautiful analog watch that doesn’t interrupt my conversations and thought process like an annoying toddler. Yes you can turn notifications off but you still have a device that has a woefully short battery life and has to be tended to daily. I acknowledge it’s power and utility but it still remains an ugly square chunk on your wrist. Years of glancing at my watch with sidelong glances made the smart watch annoying to have to raise so far to get a glimpse at the face. To overcome that they would have to have much better battery life and it is just it their yet. If the battery could last a week my opinion would be much different. I do think the waterproofing is very cool and I’m sure this is a great tool for activity monitoring but that was never my primary need. Selling my Apple Watch.

  5. "I'll tap you when I'm ready." I thought was a slow issue with my Series 1, reason I wanted to upgrade and get rid of that annoyance. LOL how wrong was I. Thanks!!

  6. Hang on!! STILL no proper facetime or camera! I'm going to wait this one out and still with my series 2 a little longer. When you think about it, it's really not all that big a leap. Lots of gimmickry. Nice though 🙂

  7. Totally not worth it! Since Steve Jobs died, Apple has been releasing half-baked products that are at times way more buggy than Samsung! Up to $700 for this?? A watch and its not even a TAG! Get outta here! Even Siri doesnt work well, an Apple basic feature.

  8. I upgraded from a series 1 (original first Apple watch from 2015) to the series 4 and I can attest that it was totally worth it. The screen is so much brighter and the sound is definitely louder. I'm looking forward to trying out the music streaming feature when I work out. Already took calls on it and it really was convenient to do so. If you are on the fence about upgrading, I'd say if you have a series 1 (original 2015 watch) it's worth it to upgrade to the series 4. If you have a newer watch, then probably not.

  9. I went with the Samsung Gear S3 frontier. It is extremely easy to navigate with it's rotating bezel and has 46mm screen, LTE and 10's of thousand watch faces and an app that you can make your own.
    I can also leave my phone at home and make calls with the watch which is great so you don't have to be close to your phone to make a call. I have forgotten my phone at work before. You do have to pay an extra $5 a month to use LTE if you don't want to be married to your smart phone. The best part is it cost $225. I just got it a month ago and love it.

  10. Actually it doesn’t. I expected to be blown away when I got it and really all it was is a bigger screen in a fancy box. The info graph screens are essentially useless because you’re limited to the ten apps that actually work on them at the moment. Mine is going back tomorrow. Don’t bring a product to market that isn’t ready for prime time Apple. I can understand third party apps not working, but phone and messages? F outta here.

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