As Midterms Approach, New Polls Favor Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Could Texas break in Texas for Ted Cruz’s Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke? Will Andrew Gillum beat Ron DeSantis in Florida? The Morning Joe panel digs into new polling for clues on what may happen in the midterm elections.
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As Midterms Approach, New Polls Favor Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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As Midterms Approach, New Polls Favor Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Comments 31

  1. You're all idiots listening to fake news cuz you're all a bunch of Little Women, you should grow some balls, do some research find the truth but you don't deserve it. so you will suffer in your ignorance and you'll be taken advantage of by these idiots on TV from Hollywood the media our government has been usurped you fools

  2. It matters not who wins, America loses. The collapse has begun, the American empire is finished. 40 million people living in poverty, the worlds worst inequality, massive debt, corruption, a lying halfwit president, a corrupt and rotten political system. Now I understand why the gun nuts cling so desperately to their weapons.

  3. If u r for killing babies socialism and watching ur love ones die from drug overdose (72,000) last year drugs brought here by illegals from Mexico vote BLUE this is what the DEMOCRATS stand for not our FLAG !

  4. Remember america,this is about the country and not about democrats and republican and right now democrats seems to be the ones that has the country in their minds irrespective of if you are republican or democrats,i voted conservatives often but this year,am going blue for the country cos republican party we know is dead and this is going to be a protest vote for me so people ,help save our country .

  5. if GOP republicans actually did something that benefitted the people i wouldnt be so concerned about the repercussions but the GOP havent done anything that benefits the hard working people. they gave money to the top 1% and completely blew up the defecit which had dropped under democrats. if the GOP had started off with laws that insisted on transparancy for presidential candidates and made it law that those elected to be potus HAD to place their businesses in trust until they left office, that would have been a good start as it would ensure future presidents wouldnt have such scandals. if GOP had made ethics laws stronger for ANYONE in public office …. now that i could get behind. if the GOP had increased taxes on large companies and added a monthly tax to every american to pay for emergency A+E care (enough to ensure you are well enough to be discharged from A+E/emergency surgery) and long term medical conditions then that benefits every american. if the GOP had held themselves to a higher standard than they tried to impose on democrats then i could get behind them. if they truly got behind education reform and included vocational qualifications to be recognised on a federal level e.g. farrier without the need for GED, english exams, not everyone is good at exams but have the intelligence and capability to earn a decent wage from practical trades like a farrier. if the GOP had a backbone and told potus when he was overreaching then i could get behind them for preserving the traditions and values that built america, if the GOP had demanded more aid and action be taken with relief efforts in puerto rico after hurricane maria, then i could say ….. ok it is a trajedy but i can see them all trying.

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