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BBC Politics Live 21/9/18

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  1. Raab C Brexit is such a clown. The touchiness about the lame Dad joke on instagram ill suits a country that regularly runs headlines like 'EU dirty rats' to talk about other heads of state.

  2. Rub a dub dub raab… Stop lying you aint gonna get good references for next job. Learn from cheeky Davis, made his money/pension for two years and left at point when couldn't be blamed.
    Apparently he is one of the biggest culprit alongwith fox BJ and company

  3. I shall miss Daily Politics, but this programme looked like Loose Women set at a job interview, nice theme new theme music, sounded like David Lowe, but really that horrible desk and background set, was a worst as Daily Politics itself.

  4. Katya Adler comes across as a mouthpiece/apologist for the EU. Probably unfair for me to say that but there you have it. I should add that I don't find the BBC biased on Brexit, it's just that I have a particular issue with Katya.

  5. 1. The integrity of the single market is paramount and non – negotiable
    2. The four freedoms are the core principles of the EU and are indivisible. Indivisible
    3. The EU can not and will not delegate the responsibility for the collection of its revenues to a non- member state. period.
    tick tock, the clock is ticking

  6. BREXIT = a SELF-INFLICTED ECONOMIC WOUND. Britain will lose up to £66 billion a year if it pursues the so-called "hard Brexit" option of leaving the single market and EU customs union, the Treasury has warned. Government figures suggest the UK's gross domestic product (GDP) could fall by as much as 9.5 per cent if it leaves the EU and reverts to World Trade Organisation rules.
    The leaked government document says: The Treasury estimates that UK GDP would be between 5.4 per cent and 9.5 % of GDP lower after 15 years if we left the EU with no successor arrangement, with a central estimate of 7.5 %. Brexit has already cost the average UK worker a week's pay in lower real wage growth and higher inflation, according to an analysis by academic economists.
    Prices since the referendum have risen fastest in products with high import shares, such as bread, eggs and milk as well as furniture and jewellery, the report by the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics said. Higher Inflation is reality not project fear but looks like Brexiteers don't care

  7. They got rid of the grown up Daily Politics for this shite. If this is what appeals to a 'younger audience' perhaps we should put the voting age up to 35 and only allow property owners to vote.

  8. Very immature presentation style. Also embarrassing that you invited the RTE journalist onto your show but then failed to ask her a single question or include her in your discussions. Please let this have been a once-off and bring back the regular BBC presenters who are streets ahead of these kids in professionalism.

  9. I used to strongly dislike Khunsberg. It's like she's had some sort of personality transplant in recent years, however. In these weather conditions, not going to lie, I would plough her furrow like a good'n

  10. Do you know what Dominic Raab is? Rubbish. I think I actually prefer David Davis, believe it or not. Dominic Raab will be the one responsible for our failure. Fire the man!

  11. What’s interesting about this is that corporations have no choice but to expect a hard brexit and they are implementing their plans now. If this takes any much longer it doesn’t matter anymore what these useless politicians decide

  12. Thanks for the upload — couldn't find it any other place in America. They're better on the radio, thought I do want to see what Pete looks like.

  13. lets be clear these…for 46 years the eu and UK ideological views of the world are not close enough to live in the same house.These prosetations in Austria this week just comfirms to both sides cannot continue as bed partners.

    General de Gaude was right…the UK would never benefit from membership of the EU. As an island we make our wealth through trading with the world not one political body as the Nazis planned the eu. We will return to our status as an invotative trading island nation as the best for our people.

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