Bernie Sanders leads New Hampshire polls

Bernie Sanders has taken the lead in the most recent Democratic poll in New Hampshire. Caitlin Huey-Burns, reporter for RealClearPolitics, and CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggaris talk to CBSN’s Vladimir Duthiers about how Hillary Clinton’s emails could be hurting her polling numbers.


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Bernie Sanders leads New Hampshire polls

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  1. Hillary is a good person, but she takes from billionaires and is thus beholding to them.  The American people are tired of all that, and will elect Bernie who is not owned by anyone but the American people.

  2. Hillary is a puppet of the Democratic party…she's not speaking her mind she just hits the talking points and if elected we'll just get more of nothing…i know bernie wont be able to wave a magic wand but he will try, and fight for his policies.

  3. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that everyone just looks right by Sanders as a REAL candidate and yet almost all of the comments I see on YT, FB, INSTAGRAM are pro Sanders. At the same time almost, if not all comments about Clinton are very VERY negative. I don't understand where Clinton is getting all these votes in these polls when all I see is people saying how clearly awful she is. If you can explain it please do.
    Sanders 2016

  4. I like Hillary Clinton. But we don't need more Clintons in the White House. We already had Bill. Now we need a new president with fresh ideas he can bring to this country and I believe Bernie Sanders always hear the people's voice on so many issues facing the nation. I like this man and I believe I will vote for him. He's not too old to be President. He will do great as President.

  5. "he's going to areas that are heavily liberal.. designing his event to get as many people as possible in those events"

    Yeah right. He has just been to Texas and Louisiana, idiot.

  6. If Hilliary moves to the left of where she is, what does that say about her values? It says she'll say whatever she thinks people want to hear. I don't want another candidate who's stances change with poll numbers. By the way, he had large numbers in Houston, Dallas and Louisiana, too.. it isn't just liberal areas.

  7. Did I miss something there?  Hillary Clinton will have no trust problem until she reaches general election, although approximately 50% have issues with her trustworthiness? 
    All other matters aside, if Hillary Clinton shifts left to hold off Bernie Sanders, would anyone with working brain cells buy any of her supporting statements, or would it (rightly so, I believe) be seen as a blatant attempt to pander to public opinion?
    Bernie Sanders has his feet firmly planted where he has been standing for decades, which makes him immeasurably more credible than Hillary Clinton.

  8. These events are designed to turn his supporters into volunteers to organize for when the primary election gets beyond the early states and to be the foundation for the general election when he wins the nomination. Its not just about being able to bring out a large crowd its about taking the names and phone numbers of his most ardemt supporters. Clinton people are confident the primary will effectively be over by Super Tuesday March 1, while Bernie is preparing to be around for an extended primary.

    Sanders people expect Clinton to run in to financial trouble after March 1. The Clinton campaign has been spending heavily on tv ads in Iowa and New Hampshire since August and that will continue and increase as we move closer to voting time.. The Clinton campaign is dependent on a relatively small group of high dollar donors, some of whom have already given the maximum amount, while Bernie's expansive and expanding small dollar donor base is built to go the distance.

    The criticism that Bernie is getting these crowds in liberal areas is stupiid. Liberals are a key part of the democratic party base ie the people who vote in primary elections.

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