Bernie Sanders Surges Past Hillary In Polls

Up until this week we were asking the question, “Can Bernie Sanders ever catch up to Hillary Clinton?” After today we have to ask a new question: Can Hillary Clinton ever catch up to Bernie Sanders again? Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola (Think Tank), hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“US Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) has surged to a lead over Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire, according to a new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll out late Tuesday night.

The poll gives Sanders a 44-37 lead over Clinton in the run for the Democratic nomination in the state.”*

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Bernie Sanders Surges Past Hillary

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Bernie Sanders Surges Past Hillary In Polls

Comments 48

  1. Bernie is wonderful, but Hillary isn't that bad. She has put out good position papers on the issues. Pay some attention to her climate crisis papers. I love Bernie Sanders and will vote for him in the primary, but if I have to vote for Hillary, I won't mind so terribly. Put your energy into attacking the INSANE right and the hypocites on the right. That's where Bernie puts his energy. HE DOES NOT ATTACK HILLARY CLINTON.

  2. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders earned minimum Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science. The only 2016 Presidential Debate should be between these two candidates–not these other brain-dead zealots in the same GOP/Tea Party, guaranteed to strike out with America's majority.

  3. Some times the truth is categorized ass back words. This guy may actually be sincere . The problem is that he will work for the same owners and planners. Owners and planners of the lie system that dictates almost every important aspects of our current reality. All this controlled exposure is what it is . To boots he is a super joo . Good luck believing in a system designed to screw over the majority of us . Real change will only come to pass when individuals on a massive scale diligently take up an honorable approach to life and subsequently live an honorable life . Anything short of that is futile and hopeless . Wake up people .

  4. Hillary was allways a dem & fallowed were her party leaned so I dont know were this conservative bs comes from & she doesnt compare to jeb BUSH cause his support is 100% big business & hers is mixed so shes not not completly beholden to one intrest & she has to voice the intrests of her supporters to survive by their backing & gaining justified politicle capital for power to also push their policies so shes not a sell out shes of this moment & is whats demanded of her shes a fighter that u can mold & build to how u want to build y the repubs who allot of gullible dems let sway from the largest politicle attack ever by fearing hillary in witch their leader Rush said as soon as obama got reelected if hillary wins the GOP is done so ploted launcing a massive attack, by folks that r against everything the dem party stand for not because of her lead but by believing shes more realisticly capable in getting things done against them in what they stand for than bernie who they love.

  5. I think the main thing to remember is that Clinton was running off of name recognition. Sanders did not have name recognition. His popularity had to be and was completely due to his message.

  6. Ask Greece how they like Socialism ? Ask France how they like it to have their purchasing power reduced every year ?

    Socialism is not a solution, it's a disease, and a slow one at that. I would have preferred Communism because it's pretty fast and efficient at screwing up an economy. People quickly realize how inefficient it is.

    It's really sad to see two dogmatists (Bernie and Trump) high in the polls.

    For the productive people : I think it's time to pack our money, learn Chinese and get the fuck out of the US when things start to deteriorate.

  7. Bernie has been very specific for a long time about getting big money out of politics. He doesn't accept PAC or corporate money. Cjerk, Bernie has been a very outspoken about cleaning up champaign finance. Folks in Vermont have seen this first hand.

  8. To be honest, people who support just because she's a woman, get it together! Like Sanders said himself, you should not look at the candidate's race, ethnicity, sex or gender, but the ideas that candidate is promoting and promising.

  9. I've never been excited about politics because no one in charge seems willing to do what needs to be done to change things. Then Bernie Sanders comes on Bill Maher, and I'm thinking, "Let me check this guy out." He speaks maybe 3 sentences and the next one generated in my head is, "This man speaks the truth." Next I do a little research and watch some videos online about him. Wow! This man is a beast on the floor. He's been telling people about these problems to their face all along. Some people talk revolution in this country. This is the right one here. Hillary is no revolution. The base-level corruption will be tolerated with Hillary. I have faith in that as much as I have faith in Bernie doing all he can to dismantle that system.

    I watched Bernie smash Paul Rand with grace in a debate. I watched a confident, bold youngster get outfoxed by a seasoned old timer who possesses wisdom and tact.

    I feel you, Bernie.

  10. If Hillary wasn't sharp enough to realize her husband had (and still has) many affairs with other women; well then, to quote one of my favorite comedians: "Then She's not sharp enough to be my president." Dennis Miller

  11. What's happened, Along the way the current administration and democrat party has faded portions of their constituency outta recent (budget cutting) policies… Bernie Sander's problem , even though he's speaking up for his constituency.., Where are his shoulder-to-shoulder democrat representatives..? Where the conservative (obstruction budget hawk gang) stepped to the podiums in packs… The democrats look like SUITS without an "grassroots constituent agenda" from the bottom to the top… Plus their White House "reach across the aisles" negotiator is the reason Bernie Sanders has to fight for his constituents now..

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