Big News Big Debate : Politics over AP Capital || Rajinikanth TV9

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Big News Big Debate : Politics over AP Capital || Rajinikanth TV9

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  1. Please put discussion with consortium deal documents what chandhrababu signed.

    1. Who ever say their point, that should show their point on the document and
    2. Explain how it is related with law of land and
    3. Explain future risks.
    4. What are strategies to over come those risks.

  2. Nippu Naidu final payment ivvadaaniki Singapore vaadu vachhaadu. 2019 lo TDP geliste, 35000 acers lo 50%ammestaadu Nippu Naidu. Communists, Congress, ChalaSAANI Srinivasa Rao, Faded hero Sivaji, other TDP supporters has to take responsibility. Agrigold issue resolve cheyyaleni Nippu Naidu Amaravati formers ki emi nyayam chestaadu?

  3. Request all to just recall those days when CBN developed and created Raheja Mindspace in Madhapur, Hyderabad. In those days also these very super intellectuals had similar complaints. And today we are seeing what Raheja Mindspace is and how many people got employment there. So, no need to waste time after these silly fellows.

  4. Opposition would not have done any thing if they are in power. If money is there they will loot like jagan. If money is not there they would not do any thing ! simply keep quiet.
    The only one man in the whole world who has the capability to develop is CBN
    in the past when PV Narasimharao developed India in 1990s he told clearly the development and land would be with India only
    Today Telengana is fund surplus due to IT City dev by CBN!!!

  5. The land cost here is 2 crores per acre. If they are having a stake of 48% with 4 crores per acre AP got its stake here itself. Also one more problem is that is oppisition comes later into power then then can create problem to farmers and in that case SINGAPORE is given stake it will complete and AP will develop on its own. Good idea so that farmers wont get affected because of political parties in future.

  6. Simple logic. Ask farmers if they are interested or not. Why to ask opposition. People in amatravathi are inetrested why opposition has a problem in this. Amma petta pattadu adukku thinna tina nivvadu ante ide.

  7. ఇక్కడ ఎవడికీ బుద్దిలేదు, మేము ఈ బూమినిఒక నగరం చేస్తాం అంటే ఇచ్చాం. ఇది ప్రబుత్వబుఇమకాదు, రైతులబూమి. దీనిమీద ఆదయం ఎవడు అడిగాడువీళ్ళని. ఎసండాస్ చాలా పెద్ద కంపెని. వాళ్ళకి బూమి ఇవ్వనివ్వంది, కాంట్రాక్ట్ సంతకం పెట్టారు. తాంబూలాలు ఇచ్చుకున్నం ఇక తన్నుకు చావండి

  8. Foundation stone ki 4 yrs padite singapore model ki 2060 vision varaku agala. Foundation stone ki velalana bytaku ravalana 2 hrs paina padutundi.. Poyina kuda chuse dikkeledu..

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