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Bill Murray destroys Democrat identity politics

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  1. Remember how the Pharisees responded to JESUS whenever JESUS performed healings or miracles or challenged the Status Quo? They denied the facts, called HIS miracles " of the devil", and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS Words – blasphemy, because this is how Darkness always operates.
    Therefore, even though President Trump is receiving the same type of vicious treatment from the opposition irrespective of all the good he is doing , proves to us that Trump is doing GOD'S WILL and not man's, otherwise they would love him too!

  2. Some one tweet this Bill Murray Clip to Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins. I can't because don't even have a twitter. I'm sure it will trigger them. Don't worry, us white people are evil racists. Bill Murray completely explained it in a nicer manner than I ever could about how Democrats divide and pander by race. That's why you constantly see them say divisive things such as white privilege or white privilege male to attack white men. Imagine if people ran around and said black, jewish, hispanic, or asian privilege. There would be even more outrage.

  3. Question. Why do people care what these "Actors" think? They make there living in make believe and fantasy. You are being controlled by people just like washed up Bill. These people do not matter…..

  4. about the no-high five, that might be a good idea..because we are now germ-phobia, we always tell our kids to wash their hands specially coming from school..and one time at work, these two guys decided to give an excited high five to each other..well, one reported an accident report for twisting his wrist in the process..imagine a shady parent suing the school district..i see both sides..

  5. Lables are used for manipulation power and control and are wielded through the power of distribution and transformation truth and lies through the power of distribution and transformation we see it through the eye of knowledge and is our forbidden fruit the knowledge of good and evil through the power of distribution and transformation it is the power and face of God and in mankind's hands gives rise to the beast and the flames of Hell because we are not selfless enough to balance the power of God It has been the cause of the rise and fall of civilizations over many millennium It is how energy works in everything constant distribution and transformation

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