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Black Panther Showcases Identity Politics

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  1. Ben, I love you, but you need to calm down. It's a fucking movie. No one is saying it exists because of ill treatment of black people in America. It exists because Black Panther is a great character with very rich mythology, and the filmmakers you disparaged (many of whom are black) felt it deserved to be adapted to the big screen based on quality. Please take a chill pill and stop over-exaggerating things.

  2. As someone who enjoys hearing arguments from both sides of issues, I really enjoy subscribing to this channel to hear conservative ideas. I like the fact that Ben doesn’t rely on emotions and feelings to make his points but on cold hard facts and logic. This one was petty and disappointing. I expect the leftists to drag identity politics into entertainment, but I don’t expect it here.

    I love subscribing to this channel because I really enjoy how Ben lays out his facts and presents cogent and thoughtful arguments. I may not always agree with them, but they do make me think and help me understand why people what they believe and they sometimes challenge my opinions, which I think is critical and necessary.

    I only speak for myself and will continue to be a subscriber because as much as I disagree with Ben on some issues, I agree with him on many others. This strikes me as someone just trying to stir shit up. My son wants to see this movie because quite frankly, it looks pretty badass. Wakanda is not real? Yeah, no shit. Furthermore, neither my son nor I give a ripe fuck about what race the cast happens to be. Just let it be a damn movie.

    Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink. This is just mine.

    Keep up those thug life videos. Those are the beyond entertaining.

  3. Why do they have the dislike thumb icon under comments but only show the thumbs ups and zero thumbs downs? Fuck these fucking bag of shot commenter here. It's just a movie. But that's my favorite hero. None of this is about those things. Neither is the fucking movie. I'm telling you Ben Shapiro a war is coming. A civil war in ever western nation. It will be our Fermi paradox moment. See Europeans advanced the world with technology sciences and moral philosophy and soon the backwards barbaric ignorant cultures will come and destroy the world and return us to the bronze age if they can slowly but surely. It's like handing nuclear weapons over to retards. A first class nation was handed over to black south Africans and it's now a shot hole and infrastructure to military to every aspect is falling to ruin. That's an example. We will all see the first few European nations become najoroty Muslim and when their in control of European militaries and technologies and rule over the European natives they will destroy freedom robbery will become the policy of the land and they will destroy that nation and proceed to attack the others around them while raping the shot out of the European minorities in their own lands.

  4. Your a white boy! Not a Jew! I bet your family got a pretty good bit of money too, got a strong hold on the media as well” yeah, it must be nice to get on YouTube and spit all that garbage from a superior position huh? You need to stop snorting speed too so we can actually hear what your saying! Since this system (laws, rules etc…) is built on racism, we just want a chance to enjoy the moment! Since people like you will probably try to make sure it never happens again!” 😏😏

  5. #whiteFragility #whiteJealousy #whitePeopleTears. No one really cares that much about your white people, echo chamber, nonsensical, hypocritical opinion lol. Having a white person understand what Black Panther may or may not mean to some Black people is like expecting a man to understand what it is to menstruate, you never will, so stick to speaking about that which you do over-stand, which is whiteness and whiteness and even more whiteness. At all the premieres across the world from Korea to Indian people showed up in their cultural clothing with a sense of pride and non of them were "Black" this isn't about "identity politics" but of course your soul-less whiteness self has to believe it is so, because you can not comprehend what is actually happening, whiteness is done dude, it's tired, over saturated, bland, colorless, boring, recessed, we are all sick and tired of being suffocated with white culture and how "great" it is, we are sick and tired of looking at white superhero's and white movies about white countries and white people made by white directors, when was the last time you went to a store and bought a band aid that was not your skin color? bet you don't even think about things like that do you! I can imagine it is hard to grasp something new or something out of your white male perspective, but try, get over it and look-you still were able to capitalize on THE BLACK PANTHER frenzy by jumping here onto the YouTube bandwagon make commentary for views..Parasite!

  6. I am sorry your life was so burdened by not getting exactly what you want. Its a movie. Its a good movie. Its a blockbuster and you are using the title to get more views. Bruce Jenner? Are fuckin serious

  7. Guess what guy, black people have happily enjoyed narratives about white people forever, Who doesn't like John McClane? Get off your high horse. Let people enjoy Black Panther.

  8. No one is saying that this is the best thing to ever happened to African American people besides him. Yeah, people are happy about the first black movie to potentially break box office records and go down as the highest grossing movie of all time and they should be… but what he's doing is simply putting words into peoples mouth and slandering the left to make a fake point. When did anyone ever say this was bigger than civil rights or the freeing of slaves?

  9. I usually really like Sharpiro's commentaries on politics, culture and social issues BUT WHAT THE —-!? Why can't black people be ecstastic about a black superhero movie being a MAIN feature in Hollywood. Black Panther is NOT Catwoman, Blade and all of the others. He is a fictitious African King of an advanced country. Of course, it's fantasy but why are you being so triggered that Blacks feel that imagery of this is important? Whites have ALWAYS had Superman, Batman, Thor and on and on. No one said a peep about people being excited for those movies and blacks went right along and became fans also. However, now that everyone is making a big deal about BP, you are acting very silly. White people have ALWAYS had everything! Why can't you just be happy for us?

  10. Blade and Catwoman didn't have predominantly black casts. Black Panther does, therefore it's more significant.
    Also, absolutely no one is arguing that Black Panther is a more important moment for African-Americans than anything civil rights-related. You're putting words in mouths.
    All in all you're just getting super riled up about a comic book movie, which is pretty hilarious. Why not let black people be excited about seeing more representation in a major motion picture?

  11. Ben's point, which isn't being articulated right I don't think, is that a movie shouldn't be looked up as an example of black success when it should be the norm for all-black movies to exist and succeed. I don't agree with it but I think that's what he's saying? Definitely came out wrong

  12. Holy shit Shapiro and his fans are delusional. Is there any evidence that anyone on earth thought that this movie's release was a bigger deal than Civil Rights legislation? Get a grip morons.

  13. It appears that you have issues with identity politics, but these things do exist. The civil rights movement was not that long ago, there are many people who experienced it. The degree of importance placed on this film is misconstrued, but the complexity of sociology can be understood through the culture. Culture is best represented with the arts. If all the arts are represented by a certain culture being 'white' what does that represent to a Black kid in America who is not White or any other kid who is not White. On the whole of Black society, this will have very little effect but it is a step to multiculturalism. Also, do not misapply the Jewish culture for the Black culture. The experiences are different. Jewish people are of Caucasian descent, Asian descent, or African descent. But you neither look Asian nor African, so the degree of racism you experienced if any growing up cannot compare with a Black kid from the projects.

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