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Brexit: Boris Johnsons calls UK treasury ‘quivering wreck’

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  1. Oh for goodness sake let's just leave the EU before the industrialists and multi billionaires pull strings to undermine democracy and undo the will of the people…If we have to go short of Mercedes and BMW's I would be VERY surprised!!!!

  2. What i notice is that he does not admit to the fact that britain actually needs politicians, which the orange baboon is not. He identifies with trump? Enough said. Fat man and bobbin, what a pair of no hope shills.

  3. A brexit is a policy to leave the EU, a fiscal policy is a non advance by a goverment in a deal to implement a leave of a union will create a funding in a scale to a long term solution.

  4. Boris is right out of his depth as a foreign minister, he has as much diplomacy as a brain damaged circus clown wearing a white wig and trying to walk the tightrope wearing big clown shoes will he wiffle waffles to himself.

  5. I dont understand. The public voted to come out. If this does not happen why do we have the vote? The politicians are voted in by the public and they have forgotton. The problem is they have too many dirty dealings going on. The Scottish MP stated Boris Johnson has his own agenda, perhaps she should look in the mirror. If Scotland goes independant will they start paying for their presciptions etc. Why cant everyone pull together and fight for this country instead of pulling apart. Britiain has lost its way and every other country is taking a shot at us. Dont people understand that when we come out of europe other countries will follow and trading will not be restricted. Maybe then politicians will fight for our country instead of aiding other countries against us. I know I am not necessarily reply to the above video but I have looked at a few and decided to voice my leggaly registered voting voice. POLITCIANS WORK FOR US NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

  6. That's the same Boris Johnson that like Reese Mogg thinks that there's still a British Empire, so i wouldn't take him too seriously.

    He's the clown,…don't give the man too much credit.

  7. When    are   they    going   to   throw    Boris  Johnson   in  prison   with  Tommy  Robinson?  The   wrong    think    police   must  be  working   overtime.   Pay   attention   people  this  is   what   a   country   in  decline   looks    like.   The   UK   is  now   being  call  the  evil   empire   by   the    entire    world.   Great   Britain   will  not  even  go  down  as  great  in  any   history   book.    The   muslims   will   make  the  UK   a  country   that   has    always   been   muslim   and    if   you  don't  agree   your  next  of  kin   will  be  told  where  to  pick  up  your  head.  Watch  leaders   in  Europe  now  dance  to  any   tune  iran    wants     them    to   lest  the  amount   of    the  bribes   they  took  be  released   by   their   puppet   masters   iran.   How   many   muslims  are  now  in  their   government?    Do   they   think   they  won't    pay    when    they    are   deposed   by  the  enemies   of  the   UK    they   allowed  to  take  their  own  country?   Teresa    may   just    gave  SA            millions   even  though  the  SA   government   are   killing   whites  most  of  thosewhites   are    UK   citizens.    Who     actually   believes   this    ever    would    have                 happened   if   the  people  were   armed?  NEVER!!   They  are  releasing   muslim  terrorists   whohate  the  UK   while  Tommy   Robinson  remains  in  prison.  There   is  no   decentcountry   that   will    even  think  of  defending   the  UK  and  rightly  so.  The   muslimscan  fight   for  the  UK   we  know  what  that  would  look  like.  Letting    little   girlsbe   raped   is    okay   all  in  the  name   of  PC.

  8. He's being honest, the government can't wait to give away our sovereignty. The fact that the house of Lords wants to stop brexit so badly, should be enough to wake up even the most precious of all snowflakes. Unless of course you think that life long self serving (now fossilised) career politicians care about the future of the plebs.

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