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  1. … Florida is a wet state for sure but everything you're saying applies to anywhere you move and don't forget how old is the electric box the breaker box on the house do you have the old round fuses from the 50s and 60s or is the breaker box updated. Thanks again for sharing look forward to hearing from you bye for now your new friend Ken God bless

  2. Very good tips moving in a year looking around for a year Woodhouse is termites water pressure the septic things people generally don't think about but very key points to be aware of when buying for sure electrical issues how old is the breaker box for sure.

    Well thank you for sharing I'm a new friend I like what I'm hearing it's good stuff keep up the great work I look forward to hearing from you God bless Ken

  3. Hi Melody, just wanted to say thanks for suggesting Shannon as our realtor – she is so professional and a super sweet lady! We met her today… looked at 9 homes in North Port/Port Charlotte area, took her to lunch and put an offer on a house, so now we wait!!! We’re here ‘til next Thursday when we reluctantly fly back to ‘who knows how much’ snow in Rapid City! Argh. Praying for an accepted offer! Thanks again Melody – will let you know what happens, Loyda

  4. Hoping you are doing well I really anjoy your videos I want to ask you a question how bad was the flue season this year in Florida here in Los angeles was very bad me personally I almost didn’t make it the reason I ask is because next month I’m moving to North Miami Beach Florida 33179 I’m moved to Florida for many reasons but reason 1 health reason i spend most of the year sick with bronchitis and a very bad cough and I’m hoping that the weather in Florida can help me really hoping thank you so much and Blessings from Los angeles 😇🌈

  5. I totally support HOA'S. It keeps the neighborhood in better shape and prevents people from doing things like parking their ugly RV on the street. People can easily trash your neighborhood. I'd prefer a nice looking neighborhood and have rules.

  6. So much knowledge!!!!! You offer so much value as I always always learn from you!!!! Thank you for taking the time to get us so much helpful Information!!! Hugs my friend XOXOXO

  7. I would suggest joining a Facebook group like "Taking the Florida Plunge." I've gotten a wealth of information from people who are making the move or who have already moved. Fortunately for us, we also have two friends who live in Tampa Bay so we get advice and feedback from them as well. 🙂

  8. thats cool, my birthday is next month too! ill be 49! appreciate all your videos as we too are considering moving to Florida next summer…just not sure where yet. the hurricanes dont scare me as much as the sink holes tho! lol

  9. Some months ago, I believe, I recall your commitment to never own a home again. I read a lot of financial publications and not once have I come across anyone of note offer a contrary view. Remarkable since economist are well know for offering opposing views. To the contrary, the math of buying versus renting, always falls in favor of renting. Even personal preference doesn't fair well when comparisons are made equitably.

  10. I love your videos and glad I stumbled across them. I'm moving from Louisiana to Orlando area. We were talking with realtors but I'm thinking now that apartments are the way to go after this!

    Any tips on choosing apartments and typical amounts needed to move into one? Any renting pains I should look out for?

    Thanks so much!!!! -Ace

  11. Thanks for the great tips. Do you know much about the Red Line algee and dead fish in the water? I want to go to the golf area and it was all over the beach in PCB last week. Love your videos. :O)

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