BuzzFeed: Celebrating REAL Heroes – A Dose of Buckley

The Internet loves a good white knight story, which is why BuzzFeed chose to publish an article about a man who loves his overweight wife. How does this promote body positivity? Buckley explains…


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BuzzFeed: Celebrating REAL Heroes – A Dose of Buckley

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  1. I'm here to promote my wife's business so we can abuse gullible rubes who are I to this hippie dippy shit. You know what, I dig fat chicks, active fat chicks. It doesn't make me a hero, I just dig a solid ass and huge tits. If she has the personality of a doorknob, there is a chance I wouldn't even screw her. Guess what though, I'm also find if the lardass loses weight. I'll even help and encourage her.Here's my response to acceptance as a personal system of life. Fuck you. The second you accept a changeable negative as how it is, you are a sack of shit. I'd date some fat broad that keeps trying diets and working out over some fatass that has an undeserved ego who says that she is hot simply by existing. Give me that dude who isn't great, but keeps working on how to hunt over that assholes that just accepts that he just can't do it.As for this clod, besides like 2% of guys who are assholes, most guys marry people they can stand to be around and are fuckable to them and most guys don't fucking rag on people for what the person the person is dating looks like. They will give him shit for eating a horrible bitch though.

  2. I’m a chubby girl currently trying to lose weight. This is because I don’t like how I look weight wise. This is something I am comfortable with. Maybe I’m doing it because of the “societal standard” but telling myself that doesn’t change the fact I am unhappy with my body. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change yourself if that’s what makes you happy.

  3. Lol, why are they acting like dating that girl despite her gasp not looking like Kendall Jenner is some unbelievable concept. She looks like a normal weight to me. Plus, at the school I go to, most guys go for the girls who are “curvier.” (I’m not putting down skinny girls btw, I’m one myself. 💖💖💖)

  4. HIM: "..I tell you this woman fills out every inch of her jeans.." HER: " Alright, come on thats quite enough! You've done about 5 minutes on what a fat, beached whale I am. I'm starting to get a complex. Just shut up and mention the fucking blog!"

  5. Honestly Buzzfeed titles annoy me in general, they find a way to ruin every meme with a title like "Fellas are overly paranoid about Potential Homosexuality and it's Hilarious" All they do is try to justify its origins, repost some memes, and then track down the creator and get an unhelpful statement.

    Honestly Buzzfeed only runs like ten types of articles

    1. Disgusting 'Relatable' List about Female Hygiene
    2. Taking the Fun Out of An Internet Meme By Having an Unbearably Corny Title And Trying To Justify It
    3. Nostalgic Article About Things Almost Everyone Can Relate To – Roll down windows, N64 Games, VCR tapes, Early-2000s Cartoon Network Shows. (Also, all the people who used to legitimately enjoy buzzfeed are smartening the fuck up, so soon enough you're gonna see 'relatable' lists about how much everyone misses Black Ops 2 or Iron Man 3 or Recovery. It's already starting to happen)
    4. Dog meme
    5. Tracking down the creator of a viral tweet and interviewing them
    6. Somebody says something sexist/racist/transphobic/homophobic online, somebody else replies with a relatively weak comeback (On a scale of Apollo Creed to LL Cool J, most of the comeback comments rank around A Tribe Called Quest on my scale) and Buzzfeed adds stupid black woman gifs to try and brainwash their viewers into thinking it's so great
    7. Reporting on real news but dumbing down the language and adding memes or gifs so stupid people get their news
    8. Oh so relatable lists like '69 Things Anyone With a Sister Will Understand'. Honestly I'd rather see '420 Things Everyone With a Child Slave screaming for help in their basement while slowly dying of a yeast infection will understand'.
    9. As shown by Buckley in the video above, someone does something oh-so-fucking-tolerant and Buzzfeed try to bring attention to it.
    10. What (insert movie/book/celebrity/fictional character/album) are you/are you most like quiz
    11. Oh look this exotic place is so pretty; oh look men's bulges are so pretty; oh look these body parts of men are so sexy (ironically any article doing the same thing to women is sooooooooo sexist) oh look let's repost this tweet where a guy says something mean about a girl's appearance so the girl 'claps back' by saying something arguably worse about the guy. Fuck I'm going off track anyways fuck buzzfeed. It's the middle of the night I have school tomorrow fuck. And it's ironic because if I ever make it as a YouTuber, Buzzfeed are gonna make an article like "EjTheRogue said this about us before he was famous and honestly it's pathetic/hilarious/stupid' Anyways I might make this into a video jesus cocksucking christ.

  6. So let me see if I get feminism right…
    women should never have to adhere to the standard of beauty set by society, and men should love them and be attracted to them for "who and what they are", without having the right of expressing a preference for a certain body type and/or personality.
    Men however must always be fit, cool and have a sculpted body in order to be so much as noticed by a woman. And they must also be ready to tell everyone how they beleive in feminism and how it is the best thing to ever happen to both women and men…

    Yeah, that makes soooo much sense.

    That was sarcastic, just in case you didn't get it.

  7. Look, I like fat chicks too, but this guy can guzzle a barrel of dicks. It's almost like he sees his wife as a charity case. Can you imagine what this girl's life must be like, living with a guy who thinks he's a martyr for loving her? I wish I had something more clever to say, but I don't; fuck this guy and his self-righteous, white knight horseshit. Then again, I'm a fat guy, so I reckon this isn't body-positive…

  8. Body positivity is glorifying people being unhealthy. Was next junkie positivity? Where we say "Hey its okay to shoot up, dont let society and every doctor in the world tell you its unhealthy and unatractive sombody out there will love you for the junkie you are" thats how fucking ridiculous body positivity all sounds.

  9. "Stretch marks on her hips and dimples on her booty!" I mean I like bigger girls, but come on dude! You are literally going to tell a reporter of a famous website about your wife's body! We should give him a fucking metal for his sacrifice. Im sure your wife doesn't care about your stupid ass shorts and your chest hair that looks like a fucking hour glass! 100% agree with you Buckley

  10. I have several friends who are in to big/fat girls (I refuse to say "curvy" or "voluptuous" when I don't mean it- using words that don't actually describe you doesn't make you any skinnier). I myself am in to thinner girls. Everyone has a type. I also prefer brunettes, but I don't think blondes are subhuman because of it. My friends who are in to big girls aren't "being brave," they're just being honest with themselves and their desires, as am I. And I'm no prize- I know I'm not everyone's type, either -but I'm not going to start a blog about it trying to convince everyone (including myself) that I actually am universally sexually desirable. That's just insane. I'll just leave it at over-long YouTube comments.

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