BuzzFeed releases CIA documents ahead of Haspel hearing

Newly declassified material raises questions about effectiveness of CIA’s enhanced interrogation program; Kristin Fisher reports. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a …


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BuzzFeed releases CIA documents ahead of Haspel hearing

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  1. It seems all she needs to promise is not to use enhanced interrogation techniques
    on the Democrats when they are sent to GITMO for their crimes against America.

  2. Any pansy-assed politician or others who would oppose Haspel for being too tough is exactly why she needs to be the Director of the CIA. Mamby pamby sissy gloves is why today's liberals think having balls is toxic masculinity. Hell , just invite terrorists over for dinner. Furnish em a big knife and see whose head lands on the platter. PC fools.

  3. Democrats are fools. If "enhanced interrogation techniques" are used to save American lives, go for it. Do these dumbasses think a kidnapped or captured American will be treated nicely? Idiots.

  4. As much as the Democrats leak here at home, you wonder what secrets they are leaking on an international level? It has become treasonous, subversive, and seditious. Time to drain the swamp, which is mostly the Democrat Party and RINO's who need to be dealt with in the mid-terms and November election. They have become enemies of the state and the American people. Time to expose them and take them down if we can get over the rampant voter fraud and the fact that George Soros controls the voting machines in 16 states and our incumbent government has done nothing about it since the Presidential election when Pres. Trump exposed it all.

  5. She could also offer the Absolute Cure for Cancer with proof that it DOES WORK, and the DumbassDemoCRAPS will still vote against her!! Reason is, it is not about her personally, rather they almost unanimously have Psychotic HATRED for the POTUS !!

  6. Let’s just put a big pussy in the cia office from Oregon to deal with international criminals!

    She’s s pit bull! And she’s not s wus like hilary nutjob Benghazi murderer !

  7. All these people living in a bubble and don't have a clue what war/terrorism is really like, why is it every soldier that sees combat has no problem with waterboarding yet those living in an imaginable bubble are against it. Because they are naive and have no clue about the real world outside their bubble.Imagine 7/11 happening in your country once a week, like it does those parts of the world where the terrorists operate, its because of things like water boarding that your country doesn't have a 7/11 every week. Stupid naive idiots all of you.

  8. Another fine example of how DEMONcRATS solidify their long standing alliance with ISLAM, jihadis and all regressive elements..under the pathetic guise of 'human rights' / Open Borders / Other such psuedonyms.

  9. The speed limit is reduced on a road you travel everyday. So liberal standards, you should be cited for speeding yesterday when the limit was higher. This is nothing but revisionist history. A total of 3 individuals were waterboarded and Dems make it out to be something we carried out like NOKO.

  10. She followed the law back in the day She'll follow this law and when it all comes down to it it doesn't matter what you support they're going to do what they have to do anyways so shut the fuk up

  11. The lady did her job on 911 and nobody bitch about it but years later let's condemn her for doing her job, wow what's the point giving your life for this country when later they will judge you and ruin you life and reputation [email protected]@)?$&;%^¥

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