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Byton Concept EV first ride

Comments 39

  1. Es el SUV más bonito que he visto en mi vida, es perfecto, ojala salga tal cual al mercado, la pena es que el precio será inalcanzable para la mayoría, buena idea la de no tener que tocar la pantalla, para que no se queden las huellas, al usar gestos en el aire, eso hace que no te tengas que estirar el brazo para toca la pantalla. Por cierto, ¿donde tiene el Byton los airbags de piloto y copiloto? Con tanta pantalla, no se ve donde pueden estar situados.
    Un saludo.

  2. Nissan Micra with a gigantic screen which is not totally required…..what about night time driving with that stupid huge screen in front of your eyes?
    This seems more like an ad platform than any utility…..

  3. ya'll just repeated almost everything they said in conference though… I'm out here still waiting for LUCID AIR to finish their car, now I gotta wait for BYTON too?

  4. Problems:
    1. No airbags, if someone crash they will hit their head in the screen.
    2. You can't honk at people. people are crazy this days so u have to honk at them for their senses
    3. Someone can just get a picture of u and put it at the scan to get in ur car, the scan do not need u specifically to scan ur face.
    4. At night the screen will kill ur eyes and it can distract u while driving.
    In the production car, they need to be some what of an improvement to these because to me this actually a non safe car.

  5. cool car, looks exactly like faraday future. i dont trust chinese concepts untill see solid and finished product. will give feedback when it will really came in market. untill then MEH!!!!

  6. I'm concerned about safety first – having a giant screen in front of me in a crash isn't thrilling to me. Also, this display technology on the bumpers will be very expensive to replace in a fender-bumper accident making insurance rates soar. Who is making their batteries. As with any start-up, you need a HUGE battery production facility to make a production car. Where's their mega-factory?

  7. I am on your list. However in the serial version a smaller Display and more visibility to the road would be appreciated. This huge display is good for CES but not for serious drivers who would like an alternative to the Model X or also the much higher priced iPace from JAGUAR. I would appreciate your car soon in Switzerland in the next two years from now. Thanks

  8. Kinect is officially dead. Why make something that too humongous in its own way based on same concept ? Is waving your hands waiting to be recognised by the cameras while driving having a screen between your hands what the consumer wants ? I don’t personally. Goodluck though

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