Can “right-wing, gay, Jewish muckraker” fill void in Toronto politics? | Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant of The Rebel.Media reports: On Friday’s show, I chatted with Sue-Ann Levy about some of the radical NDP candidates her reporting exposed and …


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Can “right-wing, gay, Jewish muckraker” fill void in Toronto politics? | Ezra Levant

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  1. O' Canada, I pray for you that it's not too late for you to save yourselves from becoming Canadastan. . . . we don't need an islimeice nation on our Northern border.
    Maybe you should join us, under President Trump, and we could control the whole continent of North America.
    Some of Europe is waking up to the plague their leaders don't have to deal with, and starting to kick the 'roaches' out!!!!

  2. Rebel Media please make a video about the chaos happening in Macedonia! We are literally being oppressed in our own country!! The EU, other countries around us, as well as the immigrants in Macedonia have implanted a traitor Prime Minister ILLEGALLY, and now he is changing the name of our country. We literally are losing our identity and no one in the world knows about this mistreatment we are facing in our own country!!!!!!!

  3. Immigrants have always risen to power ,in lands they invade ,that employ democracy as its political ideology. Once they have self segregated into a community of their own they begin the political subversion to favour their needs.

  4. You can fix some of TO's problems by not allowing in any more people. Too many people for the available infrastructure. Infact try and get people to leave. I'm sick and tired of all the whining and complaining coming out of there.

  5. Yea,, you don’t wanna be TOO conservative, that’s horseshoe theory, man. You want gay Jewish conservatives to balance out. God forbid you were so alt-right that your worldview was similar to someone like Thomas Jefferson. No, the sweet spot is Milo Yianapolous

  6. I don’t know I don’t trust her…. my gut tells me not to if I’m honest with myself.
    She said all the right things.
    I agreed with the whole “safe injections” BS now people in pain are suffering yet addicts get given their medication Pfft.
    But did I hear that correctly? “The natives are running the insane asylum” confused by that point.

  7. i used to like rebel media. but it appears there fame has peeked. all the good people are gone. i encourage everyone who watches them to stop. make them lose there jobs. esra deserves to lose his career. he has no talent and i respect his right to starve.

  8. Doug Ford is & Rob Ford was a real Canadian. Talk like us and have flaws like us. The difference between that and the left-tards try to be devious and Doug/Rob are just human who make mistakes with no ill intent, then they don't try to hide it. God bless Doug Ford. It's a new day for Canada not just Ontario.

  9. heres the headwinds facing sue: shes jewish, gay, and an athiest. However politics have radically changed the past couple years and with no other right wing alternative she could have a good shot

  10. thank god Doug Ford won with a solid large majority ( in a three party race).
    Dear My Premier, please seek a bilateral meeting with Trump ASAP to save Canada before jihadii justine destroys us.
    When is the next federal election — it can't come soon enough.

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