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Cape Town Is Literally About To Run Out Of Water

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  1. I went to Costco in Chicago today, and I felt sick looking at all the bottled water. theirs probably enough to fill a small lake or a large pond in that one store alone. we are fortunate to have one of the largest lakes in the world, with some of the cleanest fresh water, there is nothing wrong with these taps, anyone in Chicago that buys bottled water or wastes tap water should feel ashamed. how many people in cape town could that supply for a day?

  2. I live her,😭😭 I miss them long showers in Saturday mornings😭😭…but these people are dirty we get everything clean and use our water limit at the same time,we need like 4 years of good raining season to fill those dams this year's won't be enough

  3. I visited South Africa (Johannesburg, Soweto, Cape Town) in November 2016. Some of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met. The frustration and worries associated with drought were evident. On the day we left, a huge storm rolled through. I remember walking through the Johannesburg airport and the floors were flooding; ceiling panels had fallen down and water was pouring down through the holes. Apartheid, government corruption, drought…this country and its amazing people just cannot catch a break.

  4. Thank you buzzfeed for bringing attention to this matter, I just wish the matter of our politics was more looked into, the gupta family and Jacob Zuma are a bunch of criminal bastards sapping this country dry, they don't give a shit.

  5. No offense to the lady at the end, but if I had the means to get out of there I would… Having access to clean water is more important than your life there, imo. That being said, I hope the monsoon fills up the dams like they're predicting and they continue to conserve!

  6. hope this increases awareness! people have to start thinking about such serious environmental issues, every country could possibly face the same thing tomorrow, so let’s change the way we treat this planet

  7. This is what happens when the land is taken of more than it has, well the droughts don’t help…. I have a feeling (I hope I’m wrong) one day we’ll all be fighting for resources like water and food. We’re not trying to preserve the planet like we should. I’m not having kids, and I hope I’m dead when that day comes.

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