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Casting Crowns – Broken Together (Official Lyric Video)

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  1. A big thanks to my sweetheart MATTHEW for introducing me with the casting crowns. There are no words to describe the blessings this music carries, I heard this song just a minute ago, and I was instantly lifted. Honey, we are made for so much indeed, lets keep the faith burning inside our heart. Though you are away from home at this moment I believe we will never choose to leave each other, It reminded me the tough things we went through in our lives,it reminded me everything is possible and one should not quite when things get tough. Sweetheart lets get broken together, I miss you so much, God is just a miracle. Thank you jesus for everything.

  2. When I heard this song it makes me cry..Im 12 years old but I have a broken family…everytime I see my friends with their family together…Im jealous.. Why I don't have a happy family like them…Life is so unfair!! I want to cry but I can't…

  3. Signed the divorce papers today. I feel so empty now my wife is leaving. We have a young daughter, I pray that God moves in miraculous ways. I dont know if my marriage will ever come back together… but I'm going to submit to my calling and make sure if she is my other half I'll put God first.

  4. Um hello this song made me cry the special girl in my life that I love showed me this cause I keep messing up…But i love her so much I can't explain it and I don't want to loose her I need help…please

  5. People don't realize when you say those vows how serious they are. Every hair and flake will be tested and Satan is out to steal kill and destroy. I think everyone comes to this place in their marriage at least once, the test is relying on God to keep it together. Only through you will you have the patience and the strength to do it. Lean not on your own understanding. My wife and I went through alot a few months ago(mostly because of me…well all because of me) I was fortunate to have someone whose heart is filled purely with God's love and I'm also bless to be a bit enlightened and realized my mistakes. I humbled my self at my father's feet and was broken in humility. Remember the definition of repentance is not just saying's turning away from your wrong doing. When I refocused my center back on god, the results were life changing. Just a little encouragment.

  6. The mother of a sailor, a marine, an army medic. Would that they had been there to see this, when they were deployed. Wow—Casting Crowns is living on earth what they will “cast” back to Jesus, when they see Him. How grateful I am that they were on this earth and on this particular journey, at the same time as me.

  7. This is like a Christian love song. You ever been in love with someone? "The only way we'll last forever is broken together". It won't work if only one person sees their broken and not the other.

  8. I was with a man whom I loved so much. I wanted to make it work but his mom forced us to break up. I wanted to be with him so bad and I would have rather been broken together than be apart. I loved him so much. This song makes me think of what could have been

  9. Im about to go through a breakup, I love my girlfriend alot but its my mistake that cause for her to consider our relationship. I tried and teared. Mentally I'm prepared for a breakup. I have been listening to sermons about breakup to get me mentally prepared. I duno what will happen in the future but I leave it to Jesus because I have really done my best..

  10. (I know I'm a little late commenting, but I've known this song for a few years now so bear with me; please..) 

    this song, I don't know how to say it, but, I guess kind of in a way I relate too much. I'm still a kid, (hah, me at sixteen being a kid.. ugh..) But I've seen a lot of things, heard a lot, and felt too much. But, one thing I learn from this song is that God's there even when you feel like the world is going to rip out your heart. I always feel horrible, not like sick, but heart ache. I'm the person everybody leaves after a while. Which, I don't mind, as long as I can make people happy. After all, I spread love to those who need it, even if they wind up hurting me in the process. Not going into a rant about all the crap I have in my life, but I just wanted to say that it's nice to hear a song about God once in a while. Even in this song, a dying relationship and needing God's hand. So for those of you with a relationship like this, pray about it, and if it doesn't turn out; though it may hurt like hell to lose them, they weren't the right one for you. Just believe you're never alone, and that you're never walking by yourself in the rain; because the rain is just God's way of showering his love to the world. Even when it's a dark time, believe. 

    (okay I'm done.)

  11. Man……this song really touched me. EVERYTHING this songs says I'm going through right now. Whomever produced wrote this song wow…just wow….Im a working DJ and i have never been touched by a song. Every note, chord, seriously was perfectly placed…..Excellent Job guys. God Bless You.

  12. My daughter-in-law lost her father last week and my son sang this song at the funeral. I was in the back looking after my young grandson who will not remember what a fantastic grandfather he had and my heart broke. I’ve heard the song before, but when your heart is raw – for so manny reasons – the tears feel like they will never end. I am broken and at this point in time it is a relief to not have to pretend that I’m anything but. Can I run into your arms and be broken with you?

  13. I play this song when I’m depressed. This song helps me let out the tears that I’ve been needing to shed. I cry out for the friends that left me all alone, and I wish that I could go back to that day; play this song for them to make them understand what I’m going thru.

  14. I had to move away from my sisters cause I went through a demon possession and they witnessed it. This is such emotional song for me. I miss my sisters so much 😥❤️ but I must remember God will make it better someday

  15. I need to do something our 32 year marriage will be gone unless I reach out and take a chance to hold her and be broken together and not think about others just us!

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