Creationism Vs Evolution – Poll

A recent Gallup poll has some depressing facts about Americans and creationism, evolution, and divine intervention. Does the Bible trump science? Is God behind evolution? How many creationists are in America? Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

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Creationism Vs Evolution – Poll

Comments 36

  1. So basically 17 out of 20 people are complete dumb asses in the United States. Makes me ashamed to be an American. Evolution is as much of a fact as gravity. Creationism is as much of a fact as the moon is made of cheese. These are not opinions you can reject the science if you wish, but it does make you a dumb ass. We need to teach to people how to think critically. Not to just accept Bronze Age stories as fact.

  2. So I'm one of the 15% of Americans who believes, or should say understands, how evolution works.
    Depressing? Not really, since I've always felt like an outsider, and a person who needs to know the answers to life's bigger questions.

  3. Have you actually examined the evidence for Darwinian/macro evolution or are you blindly believing it ?Darwinian/Macro evolution asserts that a simple cell (without a brain, skeletal structure etc) plus lots of time; plus natural forces a human emerged.  Ie that if left alone; things get better, more complex and ordered – is this what you observe?I observe things degrading over time; things break down, fall apart and die.Darwinian/macro evolution is a fairytale for growups

  4. tyt propaganda calls Darwinism "true" evolution while true evolution was before darwinism, religious and not atheist. atheism attached itself to it later, and pretend like thy came up with it

  5. Maybe religious people dislike you (not hate) because you are misrepresenting what they believe in and then calling them idiots. You remind me of those big mouth sarcastic little shits I used to pick fights with and pummel after school.

  6. Honestly, I feel like a lot more teens and young adults would be either agnostic or atheist if their parents didn't make them go to church or pray if they didn't want to. I don't have any problem with people wanting their children to have faith, I just think that that should be a choice for your child to make. Everyone should have the right to their own opinions and beliefs, but they shouldn't force it on others.

  7. I got into a debate at work yesterday on my concrete crew. I was the only person who "believed" in Evolution.

    My arguments were deflected by smug remarks, flippant grins, and a sense that Evolution is more or less a joke, consisting of outlandish claims and faniciful speculation.

    The U.S. Education System has failed us. Luckily I researched Evolution on my own and realized the significance of it at an early age.

  8. To have someone believe in creationism requires a lack of knowledge and experience along with a general lack of desire or ability to use their brain. Add to that all of the lies that the churches and preachers brainwash them with.

  9. Let's state this correctly: 46% of Americans are brain dead stupid.  32% are merely dumb.  Only 15% of Americans have a fully functioning brain and 7% were…, Oh, Hell, who knows, down at "Starbucks" getting a soy latte or whatever.  Fully 78% of Americans, however, are f**king morons.  That's more than 3 out of every 4!  Look around you – you're surrounded by dumbasses, who vote, who write comments on "YouTube", who picket school boards trying to get creationism taught if only as an "alternative theory".  Why are these people allowed to use up the air?  Why are they allowed to spew CO2 into the atmosphere?  This is disgusting.  It makes me sick.  If ever there was a reason for NOT teaching creationism it is this poll.  These people don't have enough brain cells to waste any on "alternative theories".

  10. You'll never win an argument with a creationist. They always steering the argument back to the bible. You could present the facts right in front of a creationist, not saying anybody knows the answer to life, saying; " we have FACT found the answer to life and how we all exist. Here it is ! " and they would still go to there graves believing in creationism. Very suborn and ignorant in my opinion. Its human instinct to question and challenge things in life. why is 46 percent of the American population just taking taking creationism as fact and not questioning it ?

  11. I believe in creationism but that doesn't matter cause we are all humans and we are all a bright species we send people to moon we split the atom so we shouldn't have this stupid fight over religion and evolution. It won't make the world any better.

  12. Yes, it is depressing, but do this survey among people under 30-40 years, and the result will be dramatically different. I'm sure of it. Why? Because young people in America are much less religious.

  13. Readers should investigate the facts, since the empirical evidence supports Creation, not evolution. The lack of transitional fossils has caused paleontologists to reject Darwin's theory of slow gradual evolution in favor of punctuated equilibrium (PE) which was invented to try to explain the lack of transitional fossils.

  14. The lack of ancestral forms in the fossil record is especially obvious in the case of the Cambrian horizon, which has been described as the Cambrian explosion by many because so many (some 1,500) species suddenly show up in the fossil record without any ancestral forms.

  15. If the earth was older than 100,000 years there could not be any carbon-14 left in any diamonds, but diamonds are regularly found every year which have significant amounts of carbon-14 inside them.

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