Critics Go Identity Politics on Peppermint: A Movie Review

Critics collectively give Peppermint a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes…but when you look into the numbers you see that politics has gotten in many of their ways Follow …


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Critics Go Identity Politics on Peppermint: A Movie Review

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  1. I wanted to see this film when I first saw it's trailer. Was suspect at first, but the trailer continued and it just turned into a revenge action film with a female lead. I support this.

  2. I hope more people spread the word about the film. This movie was NOT bad at all! Was it great? No, but critics giving this film a freaking 12% is insane. It should be way higher. I really hope this film does really well at the box office, it deserves it. I kinda want a sequel tbh. I will say it should’ve shown a bit more of her training in those 5 years. And perhaps a bit more action scenes. but other than that this movie was good.

  3. All you need to do is reverse the critics opinions. If they like it, it stinks. If they hate it, it's probably great. The greatest movie ever made, dumb and dumber, has a 67% on rotten tomatoes. 67 FUCKING PERCENT!!!

  4. Now if someone came back and said the movie is merely a rehash of the Marvel Punisher story adjusted for a female role, or spoke to some of the weaknesses in the overall story itself, ok. And yes it was an ok movie, a "C" grade in my view (but better than some of the punisher movies that have come out in the past .. honestly). But as stated some of the dislike seems to merely stem from how it doesn't fit within liberal social of SJW views and so they find anything and everything they can to negatively rate the movie as poorly as possible. Hence you get the audiences with 78% but the self-labelled "critics" (what is that old definition .. something about a critic is merely a person who can't hold a regular job in the real world??) at 13%. Never pay attention to modern critic reviews as unlike the past (such as Ebert) they no longer focus on the story and film quality as they see films as a way to influence the world to their view point and they purposely bias their reviews (even if they never admit it).

  5. It's funny how the public school system I grew up in always told me critics are good because their contrary point of view will get you to think objectively and not get too comfortable with any works. They told me to value detractors, regard them with an open-minded and reasonable skepticism. So I did.

    At that time as a highschool student I was introduced to Michael Savage outside the school's teachings. I hated him but also kept in mind to value the difference of opinions…so I did.

    They told me to be objective, to scrutinize even the very entities you hold dear. I did, and the school was one such entity. If they were teaching me this, they should be able to stand the test of scrutiny after all. Right? Funny thing happened, they began to cave a little bit. Looking back, they just wanted me to listen to someone who validated their worldviews. They failed to understand that when you give people the tools and weapons of thought, you yourself will become a subject of their scrutiny if they are using it properly.

    In college, Michael Savage began to make more sense as the socio-political views they were espousing became more Marxist.

    The takeaway? Critics are agents of the same thought process attempting to keep itself relevant and in circulation.

  6. The problem of racial stereotypes, is it plays into the belief, frequently upheld by racists that the stereotype completely represents the entirety of all people from a particular race. The feminist stereotype of men is that men are little more than rapists, oppressors, predators and abusers. The white racists' stereotype of black people is we're all criminals, intellectually inferior, non-human lacking any worth with lives of zero value. The societal bigotry against whites adheres to the stereotype of whites as evil incarnate soulless monsters who believe everything and everyone should submit to the rule and assumed superiori authority in and on all things. Peppermint, essentially retreads the same feminists stereotype of men, wherein like all bad stereotypes, excuses those invested in spreading their prejudicial ideology from objective analysis of themselves.

  7. Unbelievable. I got my prorated MoviePass refund today, right back at my credit card. I still have to check whether they double charged me. for a monthly subscription.

  8. This is literally fucking stupid, and the critics seem to be getting offended over the movie not glorifying Mexican drug cartels and think that the movie is saying that all Spanish people and minorities are bad people which is just grasping for reasons to shit on what is a great movie.

    Some critics I've seen want to bash this movie so badly that they pick low hanging fruit reasons like "There was too much profanity" despite the language being pretty mild and bashed it for being violent and tied politics in as much as they could. It's so obvious that they're doing this to either spread political propaganda or being paid to defecate over a decent movie because it actually doesn't have any political bullshit that it isn't funny.

    When people watch movies, they do it to get away from all the political mumbo jumbo like the media constantly slinging shit towards each other like fucking monkeys in a zoo.They don't do it expecting to be the tourist who happens to have the unfortunate accident of getting monkey shit thrown in their face.

    People are tired of having politicized things put in movies, People of color and women have been in movies for years and nobody found it special at all back then and didn't care. Why is it something special now? I liked Peppermint because it was a movie that simply was being an action movie, with nothing being shoved in my face.

  9. Hhhmmm NOOO…. The movie just sucks!!! How does a soccer mom become a bad ass assassin in 5 with no sort of special training and all media, cops, criminal justice and bad guys are just completely "4th grader" level incompetent. Just because you want the movie to be good and are being a complete fanboy does not make it good, you are just trying to sound smart and arguing for the sake of arguing dude!

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