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Dem Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Mixes Up Political Colors on Campaign Trail

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  1. She's cute, bubbly, smiles a lot. I guess it's nice to hear any voice other than Pelosi, Shumer, Warren or Maxine Waters. I am certainly not in agreement with her politically, but she is becoming popular pretty quick. Time will tell.

  2. She might be wise to separate herself from Bernie.
    Canada is not Russia or communist. We are a Socialist country. To make socialism a communist thing is an exercise in pure ignorance. Yes I expect this text to disappear.

  3. "There's no money in the till for that" ….. why one may ask, maybe the 83% of the tax cuts going to the rich and corporations is the latest cause – lets reverse that part (leave the middle class tax cuts in place) – then maybe cut £100 billion from the military – and the US will still be spending more than the next 7 countries combined, and the switch to medicare for all will also save money (US spend 17% of GDP on healthcare – Europeans spend between 8% and 13%).

  4. So you want Socialism, do you? California is going socialist. Their big city streets are choked with illegals, the homeless, used drug syringes and mounds of human feces on the sidewalks. These problems get worse, not better. BUT, they just passed a law banning plastic straws. How "progressive" of them.

  5. Haha I feel so sorry for this woman. I felt sorry for Sarah Palin as well. I hope she can live all the stupid things she says down some day. So indoctrinated. I'm having second thoughts on my children going to college. She has a economics degree and thinks the low unemployment rate is because people are working two jobs lol.

  6. Dozens of variations on the same talking point directed against the left: If you like socialism so much, do you want to live in VENEZUELA? As Venezuela’s poverty rate has climbed to 82 percent and its inflation rate approaches 13,000 percent, the country is often used as a cautionary tale of what radical leftist politics will do to a country. Venezuela is seen as a natural experiment in the effectiveness of socialist economics, and the catastrophic results are treated as definitive proof that left ideas are recipes for calamity.
    But like many other examples of radically authoritarian “socialist” regimes, the collapse of Venezuela tells us a lot more about the problems of dictatorship, corruption, and incompetence than it does about “socialism.” And you don’t need to take my word for that: We can get it straight from the pages of the Wall Street Journal, whose Weekend Review section just featured a long piece called “The Tragedy of Venezuela.” The article is by reporter Anatoly Kurmanaev, who has spent half a decade reporting on the country. Kurmanaev says that the on-the-ground situation for Venezuelans is desperate, with children rummaging through garbage, teachers selling their school supplies and going to work down mines, broken streetlights galore, people eating horsemeat, and omnipresent crime. But Karmanaev also says that Venezuelan “socialism” is socialistic in name only. In fact, the government is comprised of corrupt elites who have barely pretended to be socialists, and have recently been abandoning even the label. He writes that, in fact, they are wealthy and self-interested, with no real concern for equality:
    What struck me on arriving was how little the Socialist leaders cared about even the appearance of equality. They showed up at press conferences in shantytowns in motorcades of brand new armored SUVs. They toured tumbledown factories on live state TV wearing Rolexes and carrying Chanel handbags. They shuttled journalists to decaying state-run oil fields on private jets with gilded toilet paper dispensers.
    He says that it quickly became clear just how little the Venezuelan leadership was committed to socialism:
    As the recession took hold in Venezuela, the so-called Socialist government made no attempt to shield health care and education, the two supposed pillars of its program. This wasn’t socialism. It was kleptocracy—the rule of thieves.

  7. Alexandria: makes a slip up on colors. Fox news: SOCIALIST OCASIO CORTEZ CAN'T MIX"S HER WORDS UP trump: literally brags about sexually assualting women Fox news: "IT WAS JUST LOCKER ROOM TAKL"!

  8. Yes we do have money for that. Every single huge corporation should pay the same amount of taxes that I do. Fox is all for corrupt corporate America. All I’m asking for is just prices for medications. We need to stop big pharma for robbing every working class person. We should be paying similar to equal prices like our European brothers. And this does not mean that it will put a stop to new medical innovations, but focus fundings and development of new drug and not drugs that are released to the public with having known knowledge that it physically hurts and kills people. You’re welcome America.

  9. I actually feel sorry for this dopey, dingbat foreigner. I just wish her and her family, would go back to where they came from. That's all this brown dumping ground needs is, another foreigner changing (OUR!) 'MERICA!. This is everything that is wrong with immigration.

  10. Do we really want socialism? Think of all the countries that have socialistic ideology, that went or are now bankrupt. It's been tried for centuries and failed miserably. I don't think I want to stand in food lines, after they break the US. People that do not want to work and get a paycheck are all for it. Free healthcare, free paycheck, free everything. So who is going to pay for that? Money doesn't grow on trees. I don't think I want my tax dollars to go to someone that doesn't want to lift a finger to work, or illegals that stream across our border like water through a garden hose. Want free socialism? Go to Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela or a host of countries that are socialist, change your citizenship to that respective country and go for it!. I'm sure they will be happy to take you in. Get out out the US. No one is keeping you here. America…Love it or leave it! Just my opinion.

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