Designing the brain of the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

You can buy a lot of futuristic technology to put in your home, but having them all function together as one truly smart home can be a nightmare. Join Grant …


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Designing the brain of the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

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  1. 1:38 That wall damage, someone teach this man how to use a drill and which drill to use for which purposes. It might be hidden away behind a wall plate or a cabinet, but it is still sloppy work.

  2. What a con- I have some 50+ smarthome devices with a fully customizable voice /touch controller interface to it all and I am using a fraction of the wires and equipment this mess has going on. I could tell this was going to be a demo of 10 year old home integration tech when I saw all those wires/RTI system. You know where that silly proprietary RTI interface will end up in a couple of weeks? That's right, you don't know and you won't care because a properly integrated whole home system all works via scheduling/voice and the smartphone interface you already carry around. This was on the Verge of the past.

  3. I certainly get over the top stuff, but there's a point where reality kicks in.

    Examples, if this is just an example fine, but having all your wires homerun to your family room is insane especially stuffed into a small "box" with no room for expansion. A mechanical closet or utility room is smarter and with good ventilation and cooling. Not to mention short of living on a farm with at least 400' feet between homes having loud base speakers would be a neighborhood crisis. Directional tweeters and mid-range are okay. Even that clunky iPad remote, and I'm familiar with this company, is kinda crazy as well. It's like something I had 20 years ago. Things now are hidden, sleeker and frankly small. I too understand it can use a phone and voice…

  4. These functions are redundant and/or unnecessary. You are still pushing a button, be it on your iPad or on the wall thermostat. Once you reach a certain level of automation you don't need any more.The house itself is what needs improvement. The house of the future should be way cheaper, way faster to build, using the Earth and Sun to be self-sustaining, self-repairing and efficiently laid out. All these gadgets and add-ons are inconsequential and will be obsolete in a couple of years.

  5. I wish the systems were more user-friendly in terms of modification and changing of components I don’t think anyone would want to have the installer come back and have to pay them to hook up their damn Xbox.

  6. One problem that might be overlooked
    Overtime mentaining it as house of future
    It needs regular updates be it hardware upgrade or software upgrade..
    Mentaining compatibility without hassle is main concern

  7. All hack able, and if it's Microsoft, it will breakdown, and if it's Apple OS, it will be perfect for a year, then it will start to play up, so you have to keep buying a new iPad or something from Apple, just to keep apple share price up. And if the instillation is done and made by Hewaii, you will be spied on by China !!

  8. 7:30 "so I'm an engineer, can I take this program and run with it" ~ "nah mate, gimme your money" 😂😂I literally have done 80% of the things they showed here from out of the box IOT devices, no additional "central brain" needed, over the wifi, and through native app intergration of Google Home with assistant; not some lame windows XP program that requires a "professional" to use.

    I've got to agree with the top comments here, I was really impressed with this series, but this video in particular….

    Verge please delete this MSNBC quality of a "smart home" segment and redo it for the sake of your average viewer's understanding of the technology that is available today!

  9. It seems to me that the home of the future should be mostly voice-controlled… I don't want to have to go to the iPad and tap tap tap, I just want to say "Hey ___, play the next episode of Clone Wars." Or you know, whatever 😉

  10. L-O-L At their choices of "Smart Devices." Rokus? Really? That's hysterical.

    I would so much rather do my own wiring (I can hide wires/cable manage and operate drills and know home construction just as well as these guys do, if not better; it's nothing any 14-year-old doesn't learn how to do in an A+ certification course, which in and of themselves are absolute jokes), integrate my own "operating system" (a combination of all three, actually, because I use Macbook Pros, Windows desktops, and various Linux flavors), use my own devices (Phillip's HUE lighting, Scart array so consoles can be expanded, airflow system in the cabinet with dust filters, HTPCs running Steam Big Picture mode/Windows 10, integrated Bluray connectivity, segregated Plex server ((LOL netflix!!, also so much for "home butlers" being useful and biannual visits from "tech support" hahahaha)), segregated FreeNAS server, automated sliding doors, full home optical audio connections ((just distinguishing between "indoor" and "outdoor" tells us nothing of the fidelity you used, you twats)), localized 10 gigabit transfer speeds, caching server… the list goes on, really) and I bet it would've cost a fraction of what they pay these guys for maintenance in a lifetime. Yeah, I'll probably spend more upfront…

    But so did people who didn't buy Ford Pintos, or better yet, bought tools and learned to work on their own goddamned car themselves.

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