Divorcing a Narcissist? HOW You Communicate Matters!

When you’re divorcing/ending a relationship with a narcissist, you are involved in a game of the narc’s making. The narc doesn’t clue you in to the rules of his/her …


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Divorcing a Narcissist? HOW You Communicate Matters!

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  1. Thank you for this information. I hope all goes well. I have a court date on February 2018 for custody. Hopefully he agrees to this. Once again thank you so much.

  2. I'm in Ontario Canada…. I tried to request in our initial case conference (first actual court appearance) that we use Our Family Wizard for communication (similar to talking parents), my ex did not agree to it so it did not get ordered (at these initial court appearances they apparently can only make orders if both sides agree to what-ever it is)…. I'm still going to push for it as I get further into this process it would be much cheaper than communicating through lawyers for the simple day to day things…. right now I have a restraining order on him so he can't communicate with me directly and is supposed to go through my lawyer or get his friend to text me about visitation with my daughter (approved by my lawyer only for that purpose). I really have no other way to share information with him and there are times he misses his visits with no text or anything. The restraining order was the best thing I have ever done, it's brought me a lot of peace even though it adds a few complexities to his visitation.

  3. wow i was thinking..thay i was t crazy one …is almost t same what im going true..t dif..is.this after child support..after 3yrs..and leaving wthe mistress he want..FULL CUSTODY..HE NEVER CARE BEFORE.

  4. I had seen this on another video and told my daughter (she's the one divorcing a convert narc) so she asked her attorney. Long story short, her attorney said emails were an OK form that she's never seen the courts (Arizona) have a problem with. Having said that, we're were under the assumption that my daughter could use a program (Decipher tools) that captures all the info (text sender/receiver name, phone number, date and time stamp) so when you print it off all that is on there. But now I need to get her to ask her attorney if this will indeed be admissible and will it lead to access to her phone because of it?
    Thank you so much for all your videos! While I'm so sorry you had to go through all the garbage divorcing a narc (and dealing with other narc relationships) you have been an amazing gift to me personally and through me, my daughter (she doesn't have Internet access and works to make a living or works on the divorce).
    You are a huge Blessing…thank you again!

  5. he is now trying to communicate with me and demanding that I talk to him, texting and calling over and over. he says he will come over if I don't take his call. how should I handle this? I have told him NOT to come over. He has made surprise visits before, but we are in the process of legal separation. He says he has the right because we're still married

  6. My narcissist moved into my apartment building to spy on me….and call my boss, and my church, and my friends..for having sooooo mannnny men over to my apartment..(2 men) in two years..Then he had a girl move into his apartment and she left all her clothes a whole walk-in closet full of her stuff ,, just "randomly left" there,,still had all the labels on, and to try to get back with me he told me to come and take them…YEAH!!!! right and then I would be back in his rotten life. Never go back!

  7. how about Screenshots of your text messages and then email the Screenshot photo to your own email as a copy. always blind copy all emails to yourself too. another tip I can add for others is to write yourself email diary logs of events that take place. that has a time stamp and you will have virtual evidence forever. I always keep everything that is vital documents under lock and key so that no one can come to destroy any documents you may have in your possesion. I have videos of him (and he wasn't aware when I filmed them) and I have a voicemail that I downloaded all to several thumb drives and gave copies to 2 trusted friends AND they're all in fire safety boxes! I took 3 years of planning before I filed for divorce from mine

  8. I BEG my husband for a divorce, but he refuses and tells me that he will make my life miserable if I leave him. That all he is asking me to go "is give it a chance", but NOTHING changes! He stays on me 24-7! EVERYTHING is a fight! EVERYTHING is something that I could do better….I am ALWAYS wrong and he wouldn't scream and yell and chase me, if I didn't "make him".
    I am so sick of locking myself in the bathroom. How do I get AWAY from this man?

  9. I never left my narc because he would have used his visitation with the kids and used them and dismantle their minds……Now I am trying to leave…but I am very honest to him in what I don't want with him

  10. Thank you sooo much for this info, I'm truly at a stand still with my son's father. I just recently been watching videos on narcissism and I believe that he fits the profile of a narc!! We have had an on and off relationship for eight years and In October of 2011 I've decided to deal with him on parental bases only and that's when I walked directly into HELL!!!!! I just don't know what to do. We had an court order legistamation done in 2008 and he never excercised the order until Febuaryof 2012. I have been looking at your videos and others and it's been giving me insight and hope. Thank you.

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