Does Political Correctness WORK? – 8-Bit Philosophy

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Does Political Correctness WORK? – 8-Bit Philosophy

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  1. I think it's down to the individual

    Some people are more sensitive than others. You've got to get to know the individual person before deciding what language to use.

    And a reasonable person will just tell you if they're offended, if they have/want to form a connection with you. It says more about them if they care how a stranger acts.

  2. I think it destroyed the English language more than it already was. Also I'm almost certain most of the people who call themselves pc don't actually care about what they're 'defending'

  3. I don't get the dichotomy this video ends with. PC language is not a tool to cure someone's prejudice. It is, as the video says, a way to prevent harm to others. So the use of PC language is not for the benefit of the speaker, it's for the listener. The way to address the speaker's issues is education and exposure to facts/people/phenomena that contradicts their uninformed beliefs. If someone wants to improve themselves by reducing their prejudices/hate, then they will want to use PC language because they will realize the hurt they have been causing with their hateful speech. It's not the other way around (in other words, just making someone use PC language won't make them realize they have prejudices and want to fix them). The more important issue is to address the underlying prejudice/hate and PC talk is just the bandaid to help reduce harm in the interim.

    I think some people hope that by making people use PC language, that will actually cause changes in underlying thinking, like the speaker will stop and think "why am I being forced to say African American instead of ni**er? Is it harmful to say ni**er? Why would it be? Where did this expression of African American come from? Why is it deemed more socially acceptable? Does that expression have any of its own issues?" But sadly, if someone had that kind of intellectual curiosity and analytical ability, they probably wouldn't be saying those harmful words to begin with.

  4. PC language is like seeing someone with a bone sticking out of the leg and going to put a bandage over it because its bleeding, like yeah you should put a bandage on a bleeding wound but that's not realy the problem right now.

  5. Whether something works or not is not a philosophical subject. It's literally a question of real-world effects. You know, like the sort of thing that could be answered with some studies… This question isn't rhetorical; it has an answer. I'd love to see what the research says as opposed to what a bunch of different people just think about it.

  6. Insulting someone with a stereotype is, in effect, a way of interrupting someone's day by planting the idea that, no matter how hard they try, they can't win or that they don't have a choice to be an individual. It's terribly destructive.

  7. You can still be pc and be a racist and a bigot. Sometimes one can say something in anger like the n word, however that individual is not a racist because be did not attack or racially demonize a particular group.

  8. pc culture itself is not bad nor is it good.

    but the way it's currently being used in politics is what makes it have a bad stigma.

    personally I don't care much for pc culture but I care for how it's used.

  9. Political correctness is fascism disguised as politeness , if you want to stop people expressing ideas you disagree with then you have to replace those ideas with better ideas that are more appealing to the people who are using them. Otherwise you end up with a situation where [REDACTED] gets [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] resulting in [REDACTED].

  10. HARMFUL INTENT ROCKS. the whole point is to teach dumb fucks to get thicker skin and stop being a pussy. professional victims all of them. their way to succeed or get something is to cry about things. fucking pathetic losers. all of them.

  11. Political correctness IS fascism. Controlling speech IS fascism. Persecuting people for "wrongthink" IS fascism.

    Political correctness began as a conservative bullshit disguised as manners, the irony of it all is that liberals favoring it TODAY are the most ignorant, egotistical, lazy and BORING people ever to step on this fucking planet.

  12. People can no longer say what is on their minds anymore. The self censorship has transformed society to a point that everyone is walking on eggshells trying not to hurt anybody's feelings. We idolize victims in today's society and that has created an atmosphere where people are racing to be the biggest victims. In my humble opinion, this has to stop.

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