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Donald Trump Should Sue BUZZFEED Into A Coma!

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  1. Buzzfeed same as Streep, same as Rosie O'Donnell, same as some satanic actors, same as Obama, same as women hired to slate Trump. All under orders. NWO deferred and angry Elite. Scary for Inauguration Day

  2. very simple buzzfeed received a lot of money from the media to put that, in that way the media talks about the report in buzzfeed and its not their responsibility, and also this help the media with the "fake news" agenda if they decide to explode this fake report in buzzfeed face, retard buzzfeed is retard

  3. I hate the media, they are traitors. so are the politicians selling this Russian bullshit. We the people elected Trump. I followed Trump since he came out and said he would fund his own campaign. To me that meant he could actually change shit. Not being a slave to other people's money. Fuck The MSM!!!

  4. Why didn't the Republican party just follow their native instincts all the way, dig up Caligula, and clone him for a shot at the 2016 presidential election ? Or Ted Bundy. Or Charles Manson ; he's still alive. Easier to clone. Why did they compromise on Trump ?

  5. Bravo David…. I share all the really good information I can get my mouse on …. I find myself sharing YOUR stuff constantly…Thank you for that brother… Be safe, Don't let them do to you what they did to Arron…

  6. Trump Karma is a dandy thing. You tried to do a hatchet job on Hilary Clinton now it.s coming right back to you. Tough honey. Shall I recommend Loretta the local hairdresser from Murder she wrote to have your hair done. You are trash and your bimbo wife the same.

  7. David You'd be surprised the huge Trump support in LA, California, but we were kept in the closet because some of us had jobs that would be terminated or threatened because of our Trump support. I believe voter fraud in Cali was Big, but a huuuge trump vote was out there. Most independent news outlets shun Cali people, but we voted for Truth law and order praying our cities , state will turn around!!! This is still Reagan Country!!!

  8. Why do we war? Is it that we are wrestling with the flesh? Or is it from forces in the unseen places, beyond our senses fighting battles within ourselves. We are fighting a spiritual battle, find Jesus Christ, your only savior, if you don't and you sin without accepting him as your savior you will be dead for eternity. The ones who thirst for righteousness will be granted true eternal life. These sick people are just that, they have an actual sickness, a mental and spiritual illness. I'm no better and neither is anyone else. In the end the evil will slay the wicked. Take yourself out of the equation, love and trust in the lord Jesus Christ where we exist now is not all there is, not the end. This life in this world is our birth, our beginning. Condemnation instead of compassion and understanding is the biggest fault in all of society, even John Podesta is not beyond saving, if we believe he is then we are truly justifying ending evil with more evil.

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