Dr. Phil Says Kanye’s Comments are Irresponsible, Ignorant and Empowering Hate Groups | TMZ

Dr. Phil believes Kanye West saying whatever he thinks and feels is either an attention grab or a serious impulse control problem, but either way … it needs to …


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Dr. Phil Says Kanye’s Comments are Irresponsible, Ignorant and Empowering Hate Groups | TMZ

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  1. Is everybody trying to get some air play😀
    people can't handle the truth u going to say 400 years of slavery wasn't a choice it absolutely was a choice u got to be crazy as fuckin hell if u tell me it wasn't an still in slavery. I believe black people are cursed before u start Poppin off the mouth at Kanye did u ever think why did we stay in slavery so long I ask that question all the time I get sick of slave movies
    I've been asking that question but I'm not Kanye so only my surveillance cameras hear me more of illumanti dirty secrets so they can steal that's another story anyway ok then since u think Kanye is bugging then explain why have we been in slavery so damn long an continue to be in slavery as a people what type of people are we no nonsense, aggressive, spiritual favored an we are the worst of all races 400year yo that's a long time man the fuckin Haitian won the war against the French using Voodoo now they live in poverty
    But Rothschilds used Voodoo an own every damn thang an was the cause of every war funded Hitler,etc an probably part of the slave trade Africa slave trade how we end up over here in the first place but Africa also Voodoo Capital an in poverty smfh on the flip side some ran away but what?
    u decided to stay to get beat belittled stripped raped of who u are you, ur husband ur children an u decided to stay 60s70s era still it goes on what's the problem why is that when we was cooking Massa food taking care of his children Manning his fields we did everything for them annnnnnnnnnnnnnn nobody poisoned that whole damn family so u can get away no they decided to stay an beg fo scraps from Massa table just like u doing now why r we not ruling we have the means the no how the spiritual connection but no u decide to sell ur soul to some white man who got their riches from WHAT VOODOO so instead u rather blow him so he give u his scraps once again degrading u as black men an women Kanye brings it up because we as a people need to check ourselves now listen to all the illumanti black people jump on Kanye fo speaking what is real have u ever asked ur self why did we stay that way fo 400years an counting man dat devil is something else divide an conquer

  2. When is it ever stupid for someone to express an opinion. Its one thing to disagree with someone, but to refer to them as stupid because their beliefs differs wth yours is narcissistic, assinine, and simply wicked. In my opinion, Mr. Phil sounds stupid himself for inferring such a thing and should be ashamed of himself.

  3. He need help. It's like the tools who committed school shootings, window climber, all the crazies After trump. And it's not good. He wants to be a hero. The good trump is away to get close to trump. Then attempt to be famous. It's about Fame with killers of today. To be the one to do the unthinkable that's where he's at again. Mind you this is not Taylor swift. Started long ago when mouth wired had to be head tea also. Throw dope with already crazy You get the want to be famous killer. Everybody should see where this going.He moves fast.

  4. Slavery was a CHOICE. They did NOT kidnap millions of slaves individually, that's preposterous and impossible. That never happened. They wanted to leave Africa due to disease and famine and violence. Slavery was their best option. Period.

  5. Dr Phil's ancestors only a few generations ago owned slaves so he knows what it took to maintain slavery. Unless they deprived themselves of the benefits of the ill gotten gains from their part in slavery.

  6. Most of the people who are talking shit ( Including Dr. Phil) doesn't even know the history of slavery. The slavery in USA didn't last 400 years. It lasted about 200 years. So if you are INFORMED, you would know what Kanye meant. Do the research people, and please do the MATH.

  7. tmz wont let it go, why are they asking all these people about kanye. i think because they got a huge response to his interview. they are need ratings so the go with any scandal ir negative story they can find on black people. people should recognise they are very anti minoritie, no mattwr how many black worker they show. what is it 2, or 3

  8. So you got someone like Dr. Phil who can allude to kaynes ignorant rant about slavery, but half of black folks jumpin on the bandwagon saying they agree with kayne?

  9. But I agree with Dr Phil on this one though. Kanye should do some reading and research before he talks things that he,ain't sure about.bjt I still love me skme kanye..

  10. Am not saying slavery is a choice.but these are the words Bib Marley said 'Emancipated yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free out mind.'si if Kanye research Bob marleys music he could back up his reason for saying what he said.i think he meant black p wanna remain enslaved when they could open a business and be their own boss.i think that's part of what he meant.i love me some kanye..

  11. Dr. Phil said a lot of things I've said which are so true. I agree with everything he said. This guy was not just doing this interview for attention. It may have started that way but it certainly backfired. Listen to the way he was laughing and how Harvey & that black guy with the dreads was looking at him. The man clearly has a mental problem. Many people know how slow or demented people act. Think of that crazy talking bum you frowned at before, that's Kanye forget the money, money cant help him.

  12. First off Kanye West played you Dr. Phil and he's playing every media outlet out there and to let them take that and run with it and let them spin it. When he says 400 years it's because if slavery was still going on this year 2018 would make 400 years. He's saying we are all mentality enslaved but said he likes to think prison because basically our minds are controlled.

  13. I don't care how much money u have or how successful u get n life. remember kanye that u r still black. I don't care how many white people u hang with or who ur married to if slavery was to get started again today n black people was getting hung kanye west u would not be excluded

  14. Dont be fooled by this fraud "Dr." Phil was groomed by Oprah. They belong to the club of globalist elites who want to maintain their agenda by perpetuating the enslaved mind of the black person to secure the democratic vote. The cat's out of the bag–it's not working anymore. The internet exposed their agenda.

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