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Economics and Politics: Basic Definitions

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  1. Socialism is worker's control of the means of production, its far from unified, has many diffrent types, it can be divided cleanly into 3 types with still each not being very unified, market, parcipitory economics and central planned. An economy soley based on Co-operatives in a free market would be socialist not capitalist as that is private ownership of the means of production,
    Planned ecconmies does not mean forced, well in fantasy land it could be like that but in reality yes it would be forced

  2. "Well, I would say that, as long-term institutions, I am totally against dictatorships. But a dictatorship may be a necessary system for a transitional period. At times it is necessary for a country to have, for a time, some form or other of dictatorial power. As you will understand, it is possible for a dictator to govern in a liberal way. And it is also possible for a democracy to govern with a total lack of liberalism. Personally I prefer a liberal dictator to democratic government lacking liberalism."
    -F.A. Hayek.

  3. I have written a comprehensive summary and taxonomy of the types of representative democracies dealing with potential improvements to the Westminster system. You might find it interesting. Is there any way I can get it to you?

  4. About Economics:
    Well, since Socialism already has abolished private property, there should be no more force involved than in the second category (due to taxes there still remains some force, as usual). I don't understand why you would say a planned economy relies more on force than a market. People can still choose what to study, what to learn, what to work, and so on. There is no force necessary to reallocate resources, since all resources and means of production would already be in public hands (ideally the plan targets are set through direct democratic means, see Paul Cockshott, Allin Cottrell, Towards a new Socialism). Only the transition towards Socialism can be seen as category 3. Therefore, category 2 should include Socialism, and category 3 the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    About Politics:
    I think you forgot the most democratic means of choosing "leaders", the lot. It was used in the Athenian Democracy and after that in many other systems. The advantage is, that in contrast to voting, not the rich and privileged people end up in positions of power, but everyone has an truly equal chance. The disadvantage is that the rich and powerful get pissed when people demand their rights lol.

  5. AA, how do you get to property and markets?

    The "Force vs Trade" dichotomy combined with Pareto improvement, make a compelling case for voluntary agreement forming the basis of resource allocation. But I can no see any clear reason why this should take the form of property and markets in particular.

  6. What's wrong with a free market with some social programmes? I hark back to the "golden age" where our governors were representatives of the people that can be removed from office when they mess up. Alas for ideological demagogues that just have to take the baton that much further 🙁

  7. A.A if you do streams do it alone (or +2 guest, 3 is the perfect number for podcasts) where you discuss books or economic fallacies or news
    unpopular opinion is getting stale in my opinion(ah) and stop having rei on.

  8. Come on dude, that is not the definition of Socialism. This is Stefan Molymeme levels of cringe. That definition is a meme, not the actual definition. The use of force only is called a Planned Economy. A planned economy is not always Socialist.
    Also, the "third way" i.e. 3rd position is just Fascism. They aren't liars, they honestly believe in their doctrines.

  9. Dear Academic Agent,
    I'm sorry if you do not get this message but should I complete a degree in history? I'm nervous about how I can remain free about being Left Wing.

  10. 😂, I'll start using force if this country doesn't start sorting itself out soon,
    I'm done with the government, and certain members of our visiting population,
    Either tow the line or get out.

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