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Embarrassing Hijab Stories

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  1. OMG the last story!! My mom had a similar experience😂😭💀 so you know how they take pictures from the cam on the ride.. my mom’s scarf is like halfway off her head and covering the face of the guy behind her and it was just the best thing ever 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  2. All the comments be like : “why are they wearing hijab? Is it like a religious symbol like cross ?” If u have a doubt, then u can literally google it instead of waiting for someone to reply u.

  3. Oh god one time I had a science project so we were like 3 boys and me and one girl so anyway we were walking out if the elevator and the door closed at the end of my hijab I was like hell naah I start pulling but the elevator is like moving I was like oh my god oh my god but thank god one of the guys took his jacket of and covers my head I had to walk around like that tell I bought a scarf 😂😂😂that was the worst moment ever in my life 😂

  4. I literally love these stories so much… but I still can't quite wrap my head around why muslim women would want to where a hijab (if not for modesty purposes) since it is kind of a symbol of misogyny and patriarchy. I'm not fully educated on Islam and muslim traditions, but I know enough to understand that women are forced to wear hijabs in some places in the Middle East because women are "tempting" to men if they don't fully cover up. Often, they face serious punishments for not wearing it, even in private areas. It is something they must do, and indicates they aren't equal. This is why I don't quite understand why women wear them when they symbolize misogyny, and not freedom. If someone can, I'd really like to know, if someone can explain.

  5. The last girls story made me think when 2 years ago me and my best friend were at Kings Dominion and we get on this rollercoaster, during the ride her phone fell out her pocket. The entire ride I had my foot pressed down on it and we're both just freaking out

  6. I get that it is traditional-cultural-religion thing and you wear hijabs to respect it and it is just a thing in your culture and religion. I totally support and respect that. But I don't understand why it is such a big deal if someone would see you without hijab? Like what if you forgot or lost or something? Like why it is so scary to be seen without it? I am not judging the fact that you always wearing it or anything, but I just don't understand completely because it is not my culture and I wish someone would kindly explain <3

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