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Ethnically Ambiguous People Take A DNA Test

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  1. omg I'm half colombian, half native australian and i'm so interested in my dna. i have quite tan, caramel-like skin with naturally light (like blonde), curly hair and ur typical afro-latina features, so i'm pretty sure i'm superrr african with like some spanish and british mixed up. so cool but i'm too broke to do it

  2. Jason looks like he is mixed race. Surprised that he only is 12% African but then you get people like Logic and Halsey who are literally 50% black but look whiter than him. The black girl who claims to be mistaken for russian must have been off her meds lol, I can't see how anyone would mistake her for anything other than black. The mixed race girl who claims to look latino looks full black. These are not ambigious looking people. Why don't they pick people who look ambigious instead of the typical buzzfeed cast. There are TONS of mixed race that do look ambigious. They really tried with this one lol. The black and mixed race representation is so bad on these channels.. they just pick anyone

  3. I love when people of color find out all the different ethnicities that make them who they are. Personally, I do not live by the one drop rule. I find that only black people play by that rule just to degrade other black people who want to celebrate all that makes them 100% them. No one needs to view themselves thru the eyes of another… I celebrate all of me not just my 60% of African DNA. Loved this❤

  4. for those who are confused, jewishness is an ethnicity, Judaism is a religion. he can be religiously Jewish and not ethnically (although he is both). I am ethnically Jewish but only recently starting observing.

  5. I'm curious about tests like this, but even though I'm not really paranoid, afraid of the government or something like that, sending in a DNA sample to be analyzed is just a bit over the line for me…

  6. Same here I am a mongolian nepali which means I should look white like chinese both of my family even my grand grand family are mongolian nepali but i look like indian no one in my relatives look like indian no one could regonise if im nepalI sometime people ask if im adopted

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