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EXCLUSIVE: Keshia Knight Pulliam Breaks Down Over Divorce Drama

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  1. Ed Hartwell was previously married to Lisa Wu who was on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." According to "Celebrity Net Worth," they weren't living within their means and ran into financial difficulty. Buying a $2.9 million dollar mansion and having failed business dealings will do that. They wound up having to foreclose on the mansion. They separated and eventually divorced. I can't help but think their financial difficulties played a big part as to why they divorced as financial problems often do. They also share a son together. Previously Wu was married to former singer turned record producer Keith Sweat who is suffering from financial problems himself which, in all likelihood, is the reason why he and Wu divorced. Wu shares a two sons with Sweat. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hartwell is worth $200,000. I can't help but think with his love for the finer things in life and no longer having the income to live that lifestyle, he went looking for a "sugar momma" and found it in sweetie, Keisha Knight Pulliam. What makes me believe that he was looking for a "sugar mama" is the fact that they got married after only four months and he cheated on her during the marriage and did his second con job on her (The first is getting Keisha Knight Pulliam to marry her after only four months.) in getting her to forgive him. Now that he wants out of the marriage, something I can't help he was looking to do from the get-go since he cheated on her and the marriage lasting only a little over two years, he's looking to get a big payday from her because, also according to "Celebrity Net Worth," Keisha's worth considerably more at $12 million dollars, courtesy of being a regular on one of the most popular shows of all-time, "The Cosby Show," and how being on such a popular show helped her income in other ways. It's too bad that all this had to happen to Keisha while being pregnant with a child she shares with that comes across as a first-rate dirtbag. Ah, Hollywood… There's as much if not more drama of the set than there is on it!

  2. You are a very sweet person Keisha. You deserve better. God sees the sweet great being that you are and I believe He has a divine plan for you. God bless you Keisha.

  3. After 2 years it's settled and the judge ruled in her favor with full custody and has to pay a little over $ 3,000 to Keisha. All the smear campaign toward her was not and is not right. He and the mistress, THOT, have the nerve to make it seem like Keisha was wrong desperate or crazy, mind you no credible background or contributions to society . I blame THOT behaviors being glorified from the kardashians, the ambers, the reality love and hipthots, it's like they really feel justified in jezzebell behaviors , like that's the thing to do. LoL no basic civility. They can't complain about trump either, it's already in the culture apparently as we see today

  4. She will get a chance to find REAL LOVE again. She is a beautiful smart charismatic and crafty woman. At the same time she is finding love again, this LOSER Reality show former football star dumbass will probably be caught up in another scandal. This time his scandal will probably involve another man because HONEY i have heard he likes chicks with dicks. She didn't need him in her world. Its better it happened when it did. Now she can raise her daughter in peace.

  5. this is a FCKED up girl!! she lies,she cons,she can't sit still on a lie,she all over the place with more lies!! bb sent her home,she can claim she wanted to leave,but she gotvscared knowing she WAS going!! no one liked,or trusted!! lied and lied,in fact she tried being omarosa!! daring threatening the others shit Rudy you FCKED up

  6. That’s what happens when you open your self up to LOSERS ladies take your time with men make them prove they deserve you . ESPECIALLY NFL PLAYERS . Those guys are the biggest assholes on the planet !

  7. OMG! There are 4 sides to a story people. Her side, his side, the lie, and the TRUTH. It does not reflect good on you when your husband ask you for a fraternity test. Repenting is not when "YOU CRY😭, repenting is when "YOU CHANGE". Only God truly knows what happened in that marriage.

  8. they just want all the sport players to marry all the white women bcuz the illuminati own them n control them…smh…he know thats his baby but they own his soul…they paid him to do that to her…smh

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