Expert Sword Fighter Reviews Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Scenes

A professional sword fighting instructor uses his expertise to not only critique, but rank Jedi fight scenes from Star Wars. Watch as this expert breaks down the …


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Expert Sword Fighter Reviews Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Scenes

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  1. Is it bad that I find this guy very annoying 😂 he acts like lightsabers and swords are the same thing and have to same physical quality when they really don't therefore they won't have the same stances, swipes, and jabs as a sword would. This is literally an apple and orange comparison so it is very false and very annoying

  2. I'm gonna go full nerd/fanboy here for a minute,

    Ok something everyone seems to forget is that force users have the uncanny ability called "battle meditation" where in the force user is able to call on the power of the force and perceive the future in a small incremental form allowing them to see their opponents next move, Normally this would give a jedi an insane advantage against most opponents but in all but 2 examples they are against other force users.

    this is why jedi are able to deflect blaster fire with such accuracy as they are able to not only predict but see where the shot is heading, this allows them to fight on a level unobtainable by most "normal" fighters, however in the case of such fighters as general grievous a jedi can become overwhelmed and leave them unable to counter this is why general grievous was such a successful jedi hunter, unfortunately for grievous Obi-wan was highly skilled with multi-tasking in combat after his fight with darth maul in which he decided to study the unorthodox fighting styles and learned how to counter them.

    As for yoda he is a whole other story, count Dooku was once his apprentice and with that in mind yoda had to take this to an extreme once again using the force but to a whole new level, yoda is using the force to not only increase his mental capability but his physical which is an extremely useful yet dangerous technique (think goku from DBZ using kaioken) it takes every bit of the users strength and amplifies it to an extreme that is not only hard to control but hard to maintain (imagine moving at 1/10 your current weight and 5X your strength)

    As for obi-wans stance that is used to not only center his focus and thus his force abilities but to also give himself a stance meant to pull focus and distract his opponents, later he would adopt a much more steady stance and use it to defeat maul(again) this is more what I think he means by wise master approach (

    as for sidious vs mace he is using the same ability that yoda uses but in a much flashier yet weaker manner, he is improving his physical performance by way of the dark side using it to fuel is movements and this is because he is not as he appears, in all actuality when his face changes after using force lightning and having it reflected back that's not him getting burned or scarred THAT'S HIS REAL FACE, in reality his age is nearly 50 at this point and was severely hindered by the fact he is a dark side user which is described not as a free cheat to power but a horrid trade off a kin to drinking poison to make yourself stronger (think magic poison steroids)

    And lastly lightsabers are NOT SWORDS they carry far less heft and stability when compared to a physical blade, unlike swords where the hilt and blade are balanced lightsabers are anything but, the hilt contains 90% of the weight and the remainder is in the blade, if you hit yourself with the back of a sword blade you might cut yourself a little with a lightsaber one screw up and your dead, with all this in mind you can't treat anything they do as comparable as they are 2 very different beasts similar to how a gun is handled and used different that a bow and arrow.

    Now does that excuse all of the issues with the fights?, of course not but it is to be considered when thinking about the thematic aspect of the movies and I will always call this out as it seems ridiculous to me that people always forget this and are so quick to call it awful and yet I hear no complaints about other franchises and their issues (example:harry potter) kids waving sticks and casting magic and countering it just as easy and NEVER MISSING even though it is shown it can happen (ron vomiting slugs)

    So please remember that this is a movie to be enjoyed and one that actually explains itself fairly well and tries sticks to a continuity unlike most.

    Ok nerd rant over sorry if you don't like it but if you don't don't read it.

  3. Rey vs Kylo ranks up to #2? Disney shill. All SW lightsbaer duals choregraphy were made by fencing/swordmanship experts by the way. I practised Kendo back in college (which is nothing close to real sword fighting) and trust me, everything you see in movies is ''just dancing''. Not convinced? Go watch any fight scene from an action movie you like, wheter it's James Bond, Jason Born, Taken, etc. or even old school Chuck Norris/Bruce Lee movies. Then tune in for the next UFC event. See the difference? Lookig for a good sword expert channel, go to the Metadron, he talks about lightsabers from time to time.

  4. Okay was looking forward to this video… the guy just proved he has NO CLUE! About Star Wars! I get that he is a real swordsman.. but there is a difference in star wars due to ‘foresight’ they can predict opponents movement and with the 6 forms of Sabre combat all the ‘stuff’ he says would never happen in a real sword fight is meaningless

  5. Lightsaber battles are visually amazing but realistically absurd. The physics of the fight would NOT be anything like the physics of a real sword fight because the blade has essentially no mass. It's just energy. You don't need power to swing it, and you don't need power to injure your enemy either. The blade is going to slice right through them regardless of how hard you swing it.

    Realistically, the BEST possible way to fight with a light saber is to keep as much of you body away from your opponent as possible, reaching in as quickly as you can to strike at whatever part of your opponent you can reach. If you try to immediately go in for a killing blow, you place yourself in range for a killing blow as well. Stay back and land debilitating blows to the arms until they can no longer fight, THEN move in for the kill.

  6. All the old films looked like two friends that a practicing hitting each other's lightsabers where the new films feel like people are actually swinging a laser blade to hurt someone

  7. Classic sword fighting wouldn't really apply due to the fact swords weigh quite a bit while lights ayers are nearly weightless. The added speed and lack of stopping power would change every single variable thereby changing every aspect of "swordfighting"

  8. I'm in the best shape of my life physically but I am 45. If I start now having never taken sword lessons, but I am determined my question is, is it too late for me to become a master swordsman?

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