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Family Law Report – A Fit Parent Loses Custody of Her Child

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  1. My book NOT AT ALL, fully explaining the legalities of the unconstitutionality of grandparents "rights" can now be purchased on the following channels:



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  2. OM goodness, this is so terrible!Most of us are all handling the court system the same way.The only saving factor could be that once the child becomes of age and can testify who the child wants to live with and if you are the better parent, that child will choose you.

  3. Please read it all before answersing. 
    My name is Rosanna Sinibaldi. I was a military spouse for 10 years my ex husband and I got divorce in 2011 he have me full custody of our 3 kids  we both moved on and got remarried and I had 2 more kids by my current husband . 
    My ex husband got divorce and decided to move back to Florida and fight me for full custody while i lived there in st lucie county . i never once stop him from seeing kids i never once changed my number i even let his mother see them who kids claimed she took naked pictures of them they no longer wanted to see her. Father abuse my oldest son who has ptsd and left hickey on daighter neck as he told police they were playing vampire but i i didnt know how to present evidence i dint know how to do anything as i never been in trouble my ex husband owes 50,000 in child support . 
    Judge there in your court house judge slusher is a retired military and my ex husband is former military i asked for a new judge that denied.  This judge sluaher basically couldnt say i am unfit mother but basically said i kept kids from my ex husband which is false and took them and gave him full custody since then i am suppose see them once a month which i have not my ex holding them from me.  My ex will not let talk to them as court ordered 2 contempts there .i filled out paperwork now he trying to get his back owed child support swiped away monday 21st we have court. And now he order me a contempt judge hasnt even schedule me a court date hasnt even looked at my paperwork but yet my ex husband got a court date with in a day how is this justice? How is this fair i am order to pay child support 500 i dont even make that i am a full time student never in trouble i am poor and cant afford attorney . my parents died when i was young i never been in trouble never on drugs nothing.  
    This isn't right . why is this happening . what can be done? I have two small kids i surely dont want to ne taken from them . Please help me . my phone number is 7729991782. I called paralegal it be about 400 i dont have that . i am begging for help why is it that people in jail get attorney but people like me who poor who going to school gets mistreated i dont get it. My parents died when i was young i grew up in foster i have nobody . 
    I am suppose to have my three kids for christmas the father once again is keeping them from me . 
    I dont get how judge slusher st lucie court house handed 3 kids over to a father who havent seen in almost 4 years and now he keeping them from me and judge haven't dont nothing about this no matter how much i have filed. Please help me .

  4. My ex husband paid his attorney to lie and say I didn't have a good relationship with my daughter who I raised from 0-5 and then right after he got custody, with no GAL or professionals assigned to the case..gave power of attorney to a woman he married the same month bc he's deployed 5 months a year and training another 2.. So another woman is raising my daughter. No proof at all! no substantial change of circumstance existed to change custody. The judge and his attorney just went on vacation at the same time..pretty sure they are together. Now I'm trying to appeal it myself.

  5. My heart goes out to you kyung trotter. Im in the same boat as you. The United States is no longer a free country when our children are taken away from us for no reason. And ironically you were serving our country. its like that old saying No good deed goes unpunished. God bless you and I know your pain.

  6. My ex and I were not in the military but I wanted state removal. My ex was for it but his parents injected themselves like they have rights. The judge violated my rights from the get go. My ex said he didnt give them permission yet his name was on the papers granting them permission. The GAL was ordered his parents had to pay majority of it. The GAL told my ex he didnt have to agree to my state removal if he didnt want to. I told the GAL to stop giving him legal advice and that I was going to tell the judge what she was doing thru my attorney. My ex had an attorney paid by his parents and the grand parents had there attorney paid by themselves. Then when my ex gave the green light to leave. She the GAL wrote my parenting agreement. She wrote in the event of my ex dying I would have joint custody with his parents. The GAL would not believe me or my child that he had drinking issues and needs help too. I spotted the bull crap the day of court and had the agreement immediately changed with my attorney. The only way I could leave the state was to threaten him with child support since he was not helping and disappearing. Then telling the courts I was blocking him from visitation. I documented the incidents in letters and police reports. Because they wanted to throw me in jail and take my rights away for supposed violating his rights to visitation. It wasnt just chilling support to me. It also being there for my child. Little did the grand parents know the proof I had and made them and there son look like asses. Then I threw my 30k in child support and they stopped real quick. I had given up on child support and let him abate it too when he should of easy went to jail 3 years prior. I wanted him to do what was right since I was supporting her on my own and him disappearing was not acceptable. I was tired of it I would accept his support of just being there not disappearing for months. Then trying to blame me when he was running around with his girlfriend and drinking like a fish but dont do it in front of my child. If u want your visitation take it. Support your child too go to her school functions like u should. Stop making excuses and lies for not doing the right thing. The judge overrode all of them and gave what I wanted. I retained custody, gave visitation on my terms that provided iron clad to never be accused of things like that again. GAL worked for my ex and parents even though I had to pay 1/3 of the bill for her. Three months after state removal he was found dead. Lucky I fought and caught there bs. Now no one will answer there phone not even the GAL, grandparents, etc. Instead the grandparents started a whole new campaign to slam me on the internet. I called the police here in my state over harassment. I found out there campaign was going on for years. My state sent a clear message it wasnt going to be tolerated. It was a lot of screen shots for evidence. But needless to say I have not heard a peep.

  7. The Military totally screws over their own. And the lawyers therein give bad, errant legal advice to military personnel. JAGs are more incompetent than family law attorneys.

  8. Thank you +DivorceCorp for revealing +Kyung Trotter's story, as this is one of the most clear examples we have seen in Georgia of #PaytoPlay  and denial of due process in terminating a FIT parent's rights. We know this case well and know her character, and she deserves as much support as she can get in restoring her rights and her life with her daughter. She is setting a remarkable example for other parents who have been through this and who need some positive inspiration to keep fighting for their children. Something for everyone to keep in mind is that this did not need to happen, in that the grandparents could have had a healthy relationship with their granddaughter without spending all of this money, and especially without putting Kyung through this. They and the professionals involved did this child a huge disservice in pushing out and trying to destroy a good parent. More to follow. 

  9. While this comment is not direct exactly towards the family court, it is an indictment on the system as a whole.

    Back in the 1980s, an intrepid young man with enormous talent decided that he had enough of the legal system and created a grass roots legal reform organization called: " HALT"  in Washington DC.  This organization had a mission to stop the corruption, cronyism and malfeasance in the legal industry by advocating laws on a federal level.

    He built the organization up to about 230,000 members and of course I was a contributing member.  A few years later, he was killed in a car crash. 

    The Board of Directors continued on for a few years and managed to hire a new Managing Director who had experience in running non profits. The first thing he did was to bring attorneys onto the Board of Directors with the intent of "getting legal advice to change the legal industry from within…"

    Within two years, there was so much infighting with the Board of Directors and lawsuits flying, that for all intents and purposes, the attorneys completely destroyed the organization.

    It went from a high of 230,000 members to about 30,000 and I doubt that the organization is still functioning today. 

    Attorneys have the unique knack of soiling pretty much everything they touch. 

    If I didn't witness it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.

     Attorneys literally bankrupted and destroyed an organization in an effort to try to "save it,"  LOL!!!

  10. I experienced the same things with Aiken County South Carolina family court but worse. My children have been completely alienated from me for 6 years now. I will do anything I can to help get the way family courts operate working in the best interest of families instead of judges, lawyers, paid guardian ad lit ems, and psychologists.

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