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Finale Runway Challenge Feat. Tess Holliday

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  1. Does anyone in Buzzfeed take into account the fact that this has such a high dislike ratio and it's because they lost credibility by not sticking to the set rules?? This is really not fair.

  2. REALLY, people in the comments, seriously. I never do this. I never post any comment on anything. But reflect on what most of y'all saying. Favoritism, not even worth watching. SERIOUSLY. If some of you already knew who was gonna win, then don't watch this show to begin with. Because the rest of us here who actually want to see raw talent are gonna see the best. And sure, it was probably no shock to most people that Enthony did won, but that's because he's really good at what he does. This is a person who is unique, strong, and stands for what he believes in. And if some of you say that he didn't even follow the rules, well then screw them, because this series was to get out of the norm, to be able to say "I am holy unique all to myself and I want people to feel the same whenever they scroll through their feed." This series is a moment of empowerment to every single person, not just these people, who by the way, put themselves out their more than what was expected of them. Also, the most inspiring people in society had never followed the rules like everyone else, they made their statement. And I'm probably guessing some of you are gonna say this is a little too dramatic, but I say nay, because if we're in a society that accepts others in who they are and what they want to be, you people are doing an awful job. This is my beef with the last 20 comments down frickin below. Just, I get people have their favorites and wish they won, but the reality is is that two people decided on this decision (not just jaz) soooo…. yeah. I mean, non of you guys have anything nice to say, like congratulations, and that is making me sick, like all of you are sore losers after not winning the dodge ball game and calling the other side cheaters because your unhappy that your team didn't win.

  3. All of us knew you would pick Enthony. I liked this series but you were so biased. Right from the start you favored him above others. Even when he cheated (multiple times might I add) you still let him go through. His format for each picture is literally the same. It upset me (and a lot of other viewers) that you were so biased. Oso and Victoria had much better reasons for why they wanted to win. Idk, it is over now. Not surprised though

  4. I feel like they couldn't judge their snake photos on how the snake was. They couldn't control the snake. Jazz gave Enthony too much credit for that. I understand it would be scary, but how does she know that the other people wouldn't be that calm.

  5. Oso was the most authentic and vulnerable throughout the entire show, and enthony kept breaking rules and getting free passes.. she knew her winner from before the first challenge

  6. Even though Enthony won because mild favoritism I personally loved Oso throughout the entirety of the series. I felt that I related to him on many levels.

  7. This is bs. I knew who won before I watched the video. Victoria obviously should have won. This is complete favoritism. Read the comments Buzzfeed. I quit watching this series. I'm done. Bye

  8. What do these challenges have to do with being feed famous they didn’t pick the outfits or take any of the pictures I liked this series at the beginning but it doesn’t make sense anymore and I didn’t even need to finish the video to know who won

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