Foods That Heal & Foods That Kill

Foods That Heal & Foods That Kill Find what foods may be beneficial and what foods may be detrimental to your health! Backwards Society- the media is covering information- we are selling…


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Foods That Heal & Foods That Kill

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  1. I'm 58 yrs. young suffered a stroke in 2015, left me with my right side affected. I don't have high blood pressure, my cholesterol is on high side of normal before the stroke and after. Doctors couldn't in my mind, give me a good answer for it. I also had a stroke in 2001 that I didn't have any ill affects. They said I had CNS vasculitus and treated with steroids over a year, and monitored with MRI. But watching your video has interested me.

  2. I like your presentation. I'm a cook at a college. I have my own personal health issues plus we cook for a lot of people with special dietary needs. is there a book that's fairly easy to understand but on a professional level that you would recommend. also wear can that book The available.

  3. Live Foods (foods that are still alive like raw fruit and veggies) heal and dead foods (all processed foods and all cooked foods) kill.   DRINKING YOUR OWN URINE IS THE HEALTHIEST THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY DO.Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus all drank their own urine and taught their followers to do the same.  See Proverbs 5:15 & John 7:37-38.  No disease can stand up against your URINE.  Your urine is full of your chi, your prana, your life force, the very power of God itself.  No disease has a chance against your urine.Don't believe me?  Check out a couple of FREE online books…The Water of Life by John Armstrong & The Golden Fountain by Coen Van Der Kroon.  There are many other books too.  However, these two will tell you all you need to know.Unfortunately, this awesome truth has been intentionally suppressed or kept from us by corrupt Christian and Jewish Clergy, corrupt government officials, corrupt media, and our corrupt medical establishment.Do your homework on this powerful matter and begin saving lives.

  4. thank you. we need more like you. i do yoga and that helps, have smoothies they help – what you are doing is telling people that a healthy lifestyle is normal – and should be a practice by all,

  5. I can't believe how old this is, and still relevant! Just watched, and he was talking about stuff 5 years ago that are barely coming out now, like "leaky gut"!

  6. I am happy to say I will see Dr. Bergman in Feburary. It's two months from now. It will be the longest two months of my life! I hope to resolve my neck and nerve issues so I can continue surfing.

  7. I was thinking…what a wonderful, purifying system the Father has given us. My husband and I are in the process of making changes to our diet, etc. to improve our health. Neither of us has taken any prescriptions for about 3 or 4 years, but we were taking things like naproxin or aspirin for the occasional aches and pains that went beyond our threshold. The day before yesterday, my hubby had his last 3 teeth pulled for dentures because his partial broke and it was cheaper than getting a new partial. Sometimes you arrive at knowledge a little later than you wish you could have. I had a molar pulled yesterday because the tooth was full of an old filling and it broke about a year ago. About the same time that it broke, my sister moved in with us and I had attributed some of the things that were occurring in my body to the additional stress. My mother has been here for a couple of years, as well. Anyway, it occurred to me that the problems I have been having could also be related to the huge glob of amalgum I am being exposed to. Since it will be awhile before I will be able to afford to see a biodentist, if ever, I chose to have the tooth pulled, rather than rebuilt with one of 2 other filling choices I had been given. The first has fluoride…that's out. The second was a nanite-based filling which, as it is categorized as a medical device, they do not have to list any of the ingredients, by law. No way! So, you know they had to numb it up with who knows what concoction. But my body, and my husband's, know how to clean it out. How amazing!

  8. I'm listening to this on my phone, about 32:35 you are talking g about …passes to the gall bladder and it does this and that…WHAT IF THE DR. ALREADY TOOK OUT YOUR GALL BLADDER?? Obviously he was an M.(mentally)D.(deficient), and at the time I didn't know better…(thank God for your videos now tho..) let them take it out. But if it has an importent roll to play out and it GONE, what does your body do and how can I make up for it? (I come from a medical family and they had ALL of us fooled) How can I help my body make up for past catastrophic mistakes???

  9. is that a joke about the link to reversing high blood pressure, where you click on it and no link was found? Is that meant to be a sarcasm? Like to hear it from you. LoL

  10. You get pharmaceuticals that come with dozens of horrid, deadly warnings, (much worse than what problems you are having). That's never made any sense to me…especially the last symptom usually listed is DEATH!!! Who would DO THAT?… when there are many natural cures??? Oh, and guess who made a deal with the drug companies to give their "group" a cut of profits???

  11. Totally off topic, but what is your opinion on EMF radiation from electronics? I changed my diet and changed to organic diet because of your videos and some convincing from my girlfriend LOL. feel awesome but I recently dove head first into studying the effects of EMF. We know we are lab rats with the food and pharma industries but I honestly think the low frequency radiation from our wifi, electronics and cell communications are the biggest over looked things as cigarettes were, unfortunately probably more so.

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