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  1. Free Angela? No, jail Angela and all freedom and justice-hating terrorists who spend their lives in service of evil communist regimes destroying human rights. She's aided the worst people in the world. She's a monster.

  2. People, Listen To Our Sister Angela Davis!
    She Is A Warrior Princess!
    Awakening The World To The Conspiracy Of The Unified Snakes Of Apartheid!

  3. I don't really trust Angela Davis. She may have carisma and a lot of supporters that see a civil rights activist in her. But since she declared herself member of the communist Party and praised the former sovjet union (which produced millions of political prisoners and executed most of them) I have some doubts about her Devotion to democracy. Fighting for civil rights while praising a totalitarian ideology is a serious contradiction that makes me suspicious.

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  5. Cruel? Would you like to visit your own history? In Western Europe and in America we say "no taxation without representation." So, ya, we want equal rights, 'cause all of us are taxed. We're in a capitalist system. YOU are dump, ignorant and hateful, I'll remind you of your own existence, your own unfairness, your own injustice. YOU ARE EVIL, and no, no way in hell am I going to let evil triumph. I'll take you to the hell you want to put someone else. You too are exploitable, like "blacks."

  6. American education is not the best, but Africans actually have a much higher and stricter standard than even your country and almost all European nations; Asia does too. The only thing that makes Africa's education seem bad is the people that cannot read and write at all. But America has the most brightest people in the world; that's an undeniable fact, ad that has to do with our social structure, which you decided to disregard by focusing on race.

  7. Do your research first about the race of Romanians, and stop confusing them, and them MAYBE I'll have someone to talk to 🙂 Also, because Americans are ignorant and their education is below even some African countries, that's not something to be proud of. Peace !

  8. Oh my God, how delusional and superficial you are ! The first and foremost objective to what I write is to show how racist and cruel you blacks are, you, the ones crying for "equal" rights ! Blacks don't want freedom, they want to have their own slaves. Blacks don't want peace and equality, they want retribution. All you other comments are merely hateful and blind ad hominem attacks to which I shall not respond.

  9. Here is what happened. I'll give you an economic history of Europe. The British were the first European nation to industrialize, and they started running out of resources. The Dutch industrialized after the British, the French, Germans,Swiss were among the last to industrialize, and YOU being a close neighbor to these countries benefited from their industrialization. Your country is still backwards, and would be a rut if it wasn't for these close enough countries. Where do you fit, exactly?

  10. Oh sorry…I was a little concerned there that you were much more interested in American politics than your own politics. 95% of Americans don't know where Romania is, what the people are, what they look like…for what they know, you look like some kind of Mexican…about race, your own race is questionable. We know for sure you're not white, but whatever you are,even if you're white, you have done nothing for humanity…you get no recognition, no respect, so just sit in your communist country

  11. Lol…no, Hitler promoted Arianism….you're not Arian….maybe you're ashamed of your gypsy roots, because you know how much you were hated…and that you were Europe's garbage can…tossed around as they wished for their own self interest…"yet newer theories"….so you're talking out of theory, not fact? "Romanians have Latin origins…" everybody has origin of somewhere….but obviously u r not "Latin" now if you were billion yrs ago…even Italians don't claim "Latin" for crying out loud.

  12. Africa is the fastest growing continent in the world today, and that will be the case for the next decades. You reside in some torn up shitty country and call your self "white," and think you are any better than others. You have that privilege 'cause people that look like you put a gun to someone else's head, forced them to give that to them. For hundreds of years that worked, but your time is up, and you'll never again have such privilege. It is time for you to taste your own medicine.

  13. Of course the people are different. They're superior to you. They didn't have to put someone else in horrendous position to lift themselves up. They didn't have to beat, humiliate, strip someone else's humanity to make themselves something. Tell me, the same technique used by You and your people are used in the rising world today…yes, Africa is rising (I'll tell you this since you don't know economics) and Asia too…you can call this KARMA! No unjust deed goes unpunished.

  14. Really? Exactly how many countries did Japan colonize in Asia, uh? European (more so white people) colonized Africa, and Japan colonized Asian countries. You wouldn't know this, because you're consumed in unjust "European pride" when your own country is licking up America's butt to gain some international recognition. Nobody even know where Romania is nor care. I can definitively say almost all mainland Asia have a subtle hatred towards the Japanese, having lived in Asia.

  15. You have absolutely no objective to the things you write, and it doesn't seem at all that you have any collective thought that's concerned around anything. You simply pick and choice and make that your battle. If you don't live in America, then you DO NOT understand American politics. I know this because I have non-American family members, and no, what you see on TV is not America.

  16. By implying that I stated that "just because 8% [..]" that means there was no injustice, you are creating a strawman. I have not even remotely hinted that it was just ! it was completely unjust. That 8% thing was to show the inaccuracy of the previous commenter's data. If "my" data is inaccurate, then where is the "accurate" data coming from ? What other sources of data can you trust, since other sources of data in that time did not exist ?

  17. Funny how against immigration you are, since your ancestors aren't American natives either. This just shows that the blacks are just way more intolerant that whites, and that if there were to be a white slave issue, there wouldn't be any whites left to this day. You shout "racist" to someone much less racist and cruel than yourself !

  18. No, since I am not gypsy, I have absolutely no concerns about that whatsoever. Resources ? How ignorant you are ! In that matter, Japan is on par with many African countries, yet it's economy and development is way ahead most European countries. And with so much resources that you say , why isn't Africa (or Russia for that matter) on top of the world ? Could it be perhaps because … THE PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT ?

  19. You are incredibly stupid. Romanians have Latin origin (yet newer theories sugest that in fact it is the Latins that have Dac origins), and Hitler wanted to promote the Latin nations as being ancient sources of ingenuity, philosophy, development and such. No, unlike you, I would not have been in the gas chambers.

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