Full Show – BREAKING: Buzzfeed Uncovers Alex Jones’ Ties To Switzerland – 05/15/2018

Joining Infowars Live is famous first responder Brandon Tatum discussing how middle America is moving away from mass entertainment in favor of family. Also …


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Full Show – BREAKING: Buzzfeed Uncovers Alex Jones’ Ties To Switzerland – 05/15/2018

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  1. i think the people will be ignorant to the effects of 5g like smokers…oh its alright i will smoke..i wont get lung caner…puff puff ahhhh enjoy enjoy..? 20 years later…lung cancer.

  2. In one comment, he says we are winning then he features, for example, how Turkey is running roughshod over virtually all of Europe. Are we winning or are we not winning. Simple question that should have a simple answer if it wasn't for "the smoke" being blown up orifices in one's personal anatomy. Seems the "globalist plan" is live and well going into overdrive. Doesn't anyone get it? The narrative, plan and effort into "The Great Awakening", "Americana" and how "we are winning" becomes totally meaningless and absolutely impotent if the "war" is lost everywhere else in the world… If so, they won, we lost… end of story… period. Look at the European feeds and see something that's totally foreign to the American frame of reference and picture. Putting aside the mind control psy-op for a minute, who is winning… Really? I wonder…

  3. Alex i so believe you but they might get some of us ,they won;t get so far ,Jesus is coming soon and the suffering they put to humans ,they will bust hell wide open and will suffer beyond anything they know and it is for eternity ,they will beg for death but they will not they will scream in agony 24 hrs a day forever. pray for the honest people ,pray on your knees to our father.

  4. This is America seems more like a statement about African American culture. The video highlights the fact that youthful African American culture today is based on material wealth and violence; it shows a gospel choir (the music of our parents or grandparents) being shot down by gangster rap (the music of the youth).

  5. It's not off-world. It's on-world. it's not interdimensional. It's simply the takeover of the human souls of the globalist elites, or globalist criminals by the Devil, by Satan, because they don't have Jesus. That's because they haven't accepted Jesus. It's outside of the quantifiable reatity. It's outside of the Universe. Dimensions are part of quantifiable reality, which is the Universe It's just parallel to quantifiable reality, or parallel to the Universe.

  6. RIGHT NOW is the best time for Turkey to start there sacking of Europe, this way the West can wipe out the muslim invasion of the world and put Turkey right again, in a war declared by them.

  7. Yes you are responsible for bringing babies in this planet just because. Couples that are mentally stable should bring to this world only one child at a time.

  8. Nk will never give up all their nukes, thats why they want the nuclear defense weapons in SK gone and are pist over our joint drills…. they want to try to play trump and get all the benefits and still keeping at least a few nukes because they think nukes are their only real defense against invasion… news flash Kimmy, it doesn't matter if you have them or not NK will get demolished by half the countries in the world so dont be demanding, poking or syarting stuff with America, the most equipped and armed country in the world by far. That tells you how controlled kim is by the Rothschild globalists, he would probably destroy his own country if he were told to. His family and many ithers have all went to Swiss boarding finishing schools that are all Rothschild controlled and thats a big part of getting alot if these leaders and such on board from school as they've been tought the globalists way to think/act/rule while there.

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