G. Edward Griffin—Psychiatry as a Political Weapon: Punitive Psychiatry

G. Edward Griffin, political lecturer & author of the critically acclaimed book about the Federal Reserve, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” discusses how psychiatry merges with politics to…


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G. Edward Griffin—Psychiatry as a Political Weapon: Punitive Psychiatry

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  1. Hello my is Stephen wilkes  l use to work at first buses leeds. I was taken ill from bulling  at work that l ending up with depression. My bus driving  licence renew at the same time a doctor at the beaklin centre said to me if l take the treatment l can return to work. So I  signed the concent .the treatment was 10mg of aripiprazole for five week my blood pressure went high and  my weight gain lost my PSV licence now am feeling the treatment side effects

  2. A culture has been grown, totally strange to feeling and the importance of interiority, closeness to the Spirit and Life. They teach you mathematics, which is the kind of thing that a computer robot can do, and competition to know how to earn money and live happily without compassion and spiritual love or understanding. HENCE they spread around the idea that feeling, is illness. Feeling sad or bad with what is wrong, is an illness, according to this culture. So that they can manipulate everything, and not let Divine knowledge incarnate on Earth, or any criticism: the thing JC did non stop doing continuously.
    The most true religion on earth is perverted into a market interest, and the conflicts arising are manipulated by the anti-Christ to enchain humanity by lowering its soul, creating "trans-humans", mixing humans and animals, making life a hell on earth, where high souls can not incarnate.  
    A "science" made by people who are spiritually asleep develops, taking form in what is made by companies like Monsanto, and other industries: the greatest crimes in the world, the poisoning of world populations and of the earth for millions of years with war weapons nobody is accounted for. Millions of lives are destroyed, the very earth. A scam of a sustainable development is launched, while it's very opposite goes on happening day after day, unpunished and helped, enriched and defended. 

    The manipulation is anything beyond what we can imagine, for a conflict is created everywhere between good and good. Between truth and truth. 

    "É impossível que não haja escândalos, porém ai daquele por quem eles vêm! Seria melhor para ele que lhe pendurassem ao pescoço uma pedra de moinho e que fosse precipitado no mar, do que ser escândalo para um só destes pequeninos. Tende cuidado convosco:"

    The solution to all this passes trough the necessary step of distinction between true Christian and non true Christian. For the ones revolted against (the mistakes of) Christianity. For the long time Christians, not feeling guilty for what is not your responsibility in the past, but discovering all that you can do, when discovering Jesus in a new way. 

    What is here talked about in the video, is also what Jesus meant by the rich who cannot come into Heaven, meaning not how much money they have, but the attitude of arrogance and to be so filled with their own ideas, as people who allow themselves the "rights" to manipulate the whole earth, according to their own interests, which they consider the only ones that matter. They developed this psychiatry by a simple social mechanism of that which is rewarded and that which is punished.
    They filter a mosquito and swallow a camel, indeed. 
    They will punish what deserves no punishment and is no crime, for they know nothing interiorly, as if it was a crime against humanity, and their everyday crimes against humanity, they cherish gladly, as if it's good news.

    They need to read Jesus and repent…   

    I know it is complex… but I just wanted to remind you that the solution is in Jesus: read IT directly if you are angry about Christianity, are atheist or of other faiths. 
    When you find it poly-interpretable, read Swedenborg also. 

    I can tell you that all the misery the earth is on, comes from the long ago world action that has been completed, to hide and ignore these writings, which confirmed which one was the path of freedom, and how we can find freedom. 

    Come on, people who are freedom fighters, and atheists, or rightly angry with the ways of christians, read John with your heart, if you need a suggestion…:) … throw the dirty water, but save the baby for heaven's sake. HE's the one who said "truth will set you free". He was ignored and look at the results of freedom attempted by humans with only their own knowledge… really not better then the ones from the one attempted while misunderstanding and misusing Jesus's teachings. 

    "For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers." Matthew 23.4

    (Where are our comments on youtube, to find back ?)

  3. psychiatry is the governments weapon to harm its working people for pharmaceutical profits and for causing harm for the sake of power. government wants full control of its people. psychiatrists are trying to drug people so people cannot got to work or do things to advance the world.  

  4. I agree with some of his points. This man is not a neurologist or a psychiatrist so he is stepping over his boundaries. Jesus Christ got depressed. People get depressed. I would like to see some of these chemical changes on a brain scan. My question is WHY suffer? We don't live back in those days. I have always preferred a QUALITY of life over QUANTITIY. It all depends in how you define living. My father's mother was agoraphobic she lived in fear of her own shadow. A prisoner in her house. Church and home that's it. That is not what I call living.

  5. If they ever had a mandatory mental health screening, I probably would become the most pro government individual ever 😛

    I would also be curious of this man's opinion on mandatory mental health screening for gun ownership

  6. Unfortunately in Australia for lawyer John O'Brien and certain others we cannot be permanently detained when these catfish make up their lies to shut us up and collect their huge loot.And their kids can deal for no punishment.

  7. Freedom in America abounds greater than ever these days… TSA aka "Touch Some Ass" practically has the freedom to have sex in public with anyone of their choosing. No longer is the politically punitive label of "Homophobic" applicative to one whom makes note of the fact that gays are no longer exclusively spoiled in having the freedom to stand on parade floats in G-Strings & gyrate on each others bodies in public. Gays now share equal public lewdness rights with "Touch Some Ass" personnel

  8. Funny… cause totalitarian government can also use TV stations and even religion (Scientology… what a paradox) as a tool… but that does not mean it is evil so i see no point in this video.
    I dont know how things are looking in America… but in europ governments does not lock people in hospitals because they want to control the society. I'm from poland… and belive me… the government doesnt even want to threat patiens here (busted healt care)

  9. Most of the police, psychiatrists, nurses and social agencies in the UK are secular, they are judgmental to their ultimate detriment, slander people who are unwilling to accept their diagnosis and do it for the money. They are are engrossed in a social rivalry which is socio/economic & anti Christian in definition.

  10. Correction thomas, the constitution has been corrupted and was meant to put us into slavery to begin with.
    Oh course the Bill of Rights are worth fighting for though.

  11. This is nothing new. We who have been fighting in the anti-abortion movement have had this tactic used on us since the Clinton era. They certainly will use these allegations and tactics to lock up God fearing, Constitution upholding, liberty loving true Americans. They are , like Hitler, going to trump up charges on us and we will be villanized and probably disappear in the night never to be heard of again. STOP THEM NOW! THEY ARE THE REVOLUTIONISTS NOT US. We're just trying to save our country.

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