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Get Hypnotized To Find Out Your Past Life

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  1. I was a western prostitute with a loving family. We all had to evacuate for some reason and I got murdered in the middle of nowhere with my family looking down at me. In a desert, what does this mean?

  2. This actually works I was a little girl who lived in a farm with my mother and father and brother I died of sadness after my dad left me and my family I was crying so bad but the lesson here is the person who loved you very much aren't the only ones who loved you as well

  3. I was a elf queen named Noona (just so you know the question I wanted answered was why do I have self confidence issues.) and I had fallen in love with one of my best friends named eden…long story short he told me I was beautiful then murdered me with a dagger…

  4. I really don’t believe that this is real but what my mind made up is that I was a woman in 1882 named Esmeralda. I have scoliosis so that was my “question” and APPARENTLY I was stabbed in the back with an axe from my fiancé 😑🙄

  5. I started to twitch seeing images under my eye lids of every movie I regret wasting in my past life watching…no don't mind me… my Daughter had me do this and I'm jealous of anyone who can be hypnotized BRAVO

  6. My question wasn't really answered but I was somewhere… I don't know if it was in a cottage or whatever this weird village was… I don't think it was anywhere past the 1800s… Anywho, I was wearing like sandals I think, and I don't know for certain if I was a boy or not but I think I was… When I tried to figure out my question, which was just… why am I always so scared of people… I was kinda summoned to this town where the girl was about to be hanged. I was above the crowd, I guess on a hill behind them, where the houses were (although the houses encircled all the people that were up close.) I think someone was near me, I guess watching? I was screaming, and I was crying… I don't know who it was up there but I did know who they were. I think it was my mother or my sister… She had like black hair and slightly tanned skin? Anywho… I went to when I died and… My head was pounding? I think I died of something natural. Only one person was in the small little cottage home. But, I don't know how I really died. When I was able to see my past lives… I was looking at people that were standing facing left. It was one dude but repeated for miles. In a white weird room. I tried to ask him my question but I could only really ask him what was going to happen to me… He didn't really answer but I felt something? I feel it now, like I know something. Like I shouldn't regret? Maybe? I don't know what it is… But the dude looked like he was a king? Maybe someone like… in power. I find it funny that I think of a pope or someone really spiritual or whatever. I don't know the answer to my question, or what was going on, or… anything… but I'm kinda glad I got to see it all.

  7. i was a girl who was bonded with a cheetah. One day, the cheetah was being attacked by a lion. My brother standing by, nuged me a little bit, and i saved my cheetah by myself. I died of disease in a hut.

  8. My question was why am I resilient, In my past life my name was Jose and I lived in Spain. 1975 was the year and I remember I had to leave because we were in danger due to a fire. I lived in New York and was shot by a racist. I was told to never give up no matter what

  9. I was a male slave, Miles, I was running from someone. Probably a slave hunter, but I made it to the North and fought in the Civil War. But I was captured, they tortured me. And eventually killed me by burning me.

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