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Girl’s rant targets gender roles, toys

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  1. When i was a kid i wanted a remote control car and no points for guessing what i ended up getting. Yes I'm a girl nd i like barbies but i also like remote control cars. Even as a kid i knew something was wrong with society smh 😷

  2. I'm a girl and I played with all kinds of toys as a kid. I remember an adult once told me that I couldn't play with something because it was a "boy's toy". I was 7, and I haven't forgotten it. A few years later, I was into Legos and my brother and I would play with them together. Then, my conservative grandmother told me about Lego Friends, and in my mind it was just really stupid. I didn't like that there were specific Lego sets marketed at girls. What was wrong with regular Legos?

  3. Awww she thinks she's oppressed. No seriously, nothing is stopping you from just walking into the boys section and buying a superhero. But the fact is, most girls prefer dolls, and most boys prefer superheros, so they cater to the majority's interests. It's not sexism. It would be a different thing if girls could ONLY buy girls toys and boys could ONLY buy girls toys. This is dumb and I hope this privileged girl gets some sense knocked into her when she grows up.

    Shame on those parents.

  4. Feminism begins at a very early age. She’s right about some boys liking princesses too: my best friend’s younger brother had a My Little Pony toy, and my younger brother once chose a My Little Ponies video from the video rental store; and I remember one boy at school having a Care Bear toy. Who here has read My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis?

  5. Why did people dislike this vid? I’m super Macs etc they always say boy or girl and I’m like excuse me rude people these days but good that so many people accept that people can like whatever weather they r male or female everyone should raise their kids like this people say this is not a bit deal but it really is I think they should make a vote that boys and girls can do whatever ik they can now but like it being normal ima boy and I like pink bows etc

  6. My mom was a Tom girl back when she played with toys. She did own trolls though, I however was and will be the opposite and YES I play with some toys but just to get ready to film with them

  7. U know that the girl can go to the boys toy section and pick up a super hero toy and ask
    to purchase it right. But companies to try to inherently make girls like dolls and crap like that and boys to like hero toys and weapons. But in the end all u have to do is walk about 5 more feet to get to the other toy section and get what u want.

  8. 1. I play with Littlest Pet Shops because I want to be a zoologist
    2. I got shopkins because they were cute and noticed that getting a limited edition could mean a lot of money
    3. Pokemon is way better that any other toy game or show 😊

  9. Big businesses are not stupid they market the things people want to the people who want them. Yes there will be a slight amount of people who do not but the majority will

  10. Ok your daughter enjoys playing with "boy toys", good for you. Why do feminist parents feel the need to prove to everyone how "progressive" they are through their kids. If the girl in this video really means what she is saying, then great, good for her. But why do the parents need to "prove" to the world how 2018 they are by showing everyone? Who are they trying to impress? (For the record, I'm pretty liberal and I'm a guy who had a dollhouse as a child)

  11. Are my parents the only ones that raised me the opposite? I was never allowed to play with Barbie or any kind of dolls unless they were baby dolls and I was only allowed to play with bakugan and bionics…✨

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