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GREEK FERRIES – PRICES & SEATS | Athens to Mykonos, Hellenic Seaways | Greece Travel Vlog

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  1. When we were young years ago, we used to travel to the islands on the decks with sleeping bags. There were special techniques developed by experience on finding the right place to spend the night without the wind on οur faces. We knew exactly the kind of clothes we had to have in order not to be cold. We used to despise the people who sat inside or traveled first class or even worse rented cabins. The fun we had, the flirting, the laughter, the songs! Such amazing memories! And of course the food had to be brought in from outside. 🙂

  2. Guys you didn't do the Athens food tour or the acropolis, you left the main highlight out of greece, Athens has great food, you need to try the food in the villages as the food is the best

  3. Hey guys it's nice to see you guys in greece, I just came back from there, yes greece is beautiful, has the food, good weather beaches and lifestyle, just enjoy yourselves as each island has its own beauty. Just be very wary of Mykonos and Santorini, expect to pay rip off prices for everything in prime locations, there's no real value for money on these popular islands, so look at the menu's for prices. And watch out for the double menu, one for the tourists and one for the Greeks. Enjoy your stay and go with the flow

  4. So normally a Freddo espresso , is ice cubes and shot of espresso , then they use some kind of milk shaker to crush the ice cubes which gives u the creamy texture on top.

    Freddo Cappuccino is basically the same idea , just this time u just shake the milk and put that on top of your espresso .

    And then there is frappé which a lot of Greeks drink , but that’s pre packed stuff from Nestle and then they also put it in a shaker , but that is no “real” coffee …

    Anyway , great video !

  5. That was one crowded ferry! You did right to spend the little extra – sometimes its about value for money rather than just going for the lowest price. The new pad looks amazing – cliffhanger ending indeed!

  6. So much easier and quicker to fly to Santorini or Mykonos from Athens and cheap if you book in advance. Then take ferries to island hop to the smaller islands close by. Enjoy your family get together!!!

  7. Congratulations for your sister, Stacey!!!! 💍❤👫
    Have fun with all the family and thank you both for sharing this!
    This looks like..oaw! Definetly a very nice experience! 😊
    Enjoy! 😇

  8. Hey guys, it's been a while since I commented but I am on my way to work doing doubles this wknd… Tiiired but I am still watching and I am soooo happy u guys r growing… Yaaaas!!, love all the new collabs with endless (love them too) keep collating its Def given u a boost in number. I would love to seee you with Mark weins or mikey chen collabs oooor? Anyway let me know when u r in Harlem offer still stands to show u around.. Bar crawl Def with food keep up the great work. Hey u guys ever think about Senegal.. Amazing and Mali noo one is really going there

  9. The boast prices are exorbitant! Unfortunately, getting around the islands by boat is the cheapest way – but it isn't cheap anymore! I took ''upper-deck'' a few times and had a blast.Plenty of people moving around the islands as cheap as possible.

    Have fun…but not too much 👍👍

  10. 1:43 As a sneaker head myself it must be said that those are some clean af sneakers right there! 👍 How you keep them clean and white while traveling is a mystery in itself! 😱

  11. Loved this vlog, views look amazing! Is it just me or does the place you are staying look very similar to where Flying The Nest stayed before their wedding in Greece? Is it the same place?!

  12. Helpful video for those who wanna go visit there. Personally, I went to Athens/Glyfada, Piraeus and Aegina Island. I would never go back there, especially in these last two:(

  13. I'm a coffee lover, but I wouldn't pay that much for one. Taking food and a drink is a good tip in general, if you go on public transport. You see Mercedes taxi's all over Portugal, and they're not too expensive. I'm envious of where you're staying now, but Santorini has been at the top of my visit list for years. Maybe one day 😉

  14. That house is unreal. The view 😍 I can't wait for the house tour! And I hope you're enjoying the holiday with your friends and family. And of course enjoy the wedding. Congrats to your sister Stacey!

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