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Hannity: FISA court was abused for political gain

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  1. Outline for a book: "Communist Triumvirate" _Russia Probe is the contrived distraction for the Communist China Silent Coup d'Etats. HTC/communist is supposed to be President of the United States. Germany owns the UK: Merket/communist & Mea/communist.

  2. So far for the records, Hillary has not committed one crime. All you
    have to do is show me her crime report or tell me when she was
    convicted. I know you can't do that because you spend an enormous amount
    of time watching Hannity on fox news whom you will hate later after
    finding out how much he has lied to you and people like you. Fox fake
    new and reality.

  3. Red Tsunami in November coming at you again
    The numbers were there before, and that was with their side cheating and overseas military votes withheld. Just imagine this time and if they are real Constitutionalist! MAGA

  4. DONALD TRUMP- A 72 year old Billionaire who gave up his Golden Years to take on a criminal organization known as the 'Democrats'

    On top of that he has lost 100 Million dollars of personal wealth….and still donating his salary

    We owe this man a huge debt of gratitude. 🇺🇸🙏

  5. Oh and biggest mistake Trump ever made was to hire deep state agents into his administration this is exactly what you get and they're out to get him its wide open

  6. My goodness Sean Hannity has stepped up to the plate. He is probably the only one in the MSM truly reporting on what is happening in our corrupt government. So America its in your face wide open government corruption ,exposed deep state rats coming out.

  7. Obama is an ally of ISIS, so that his political and deep state friends can continue to rape little girls. Obama is a fraud and a traitor, and should be tried and if found guilty, sent to a special prison, where he spends the rest of his life in solitary.

  8. @Hannity you are the reason we have a divided country! Some don’t know the laws and how they are implemented “that’s you and your viewers” The other 60% understand the integrity and professionalism it takes to get the warrant I hope you have your day in court for assistance to this crime!

  9. Hey conservatives, not intrested in a mud fight so please try to not ruin a discussion with personal attacks. That being said i wanna just stick to one claim to fact check. Sean mentions in the beginning that Obama's DOJ spied on Carter Paige using a FISA Warrent. Does anyone have a source for this claim? Also who 100% confirmed that the justification for the warrant was the "Phony dossier" (btw not using quotes to be an asshole, just using what he said). More in particular i would like Fox news's source because he doesn't say where he's getting the info from.

  10. Orange Hannity, stop spreading rediculous nonsense. You know Trump used Russian's in his campaign. Rod Rosenstein, thank goodness is doing his job with integrity. The disgraceful person you protect, would not be able to pass a background investigation, and is a poor Commander in Chief.

  11. When will these FISA Court judges come forward and talk about being lied to by the top officials in the Obama FBI & DOJ? No judge ever wants to be lied to, especially in this case

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