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Harlow’s Studies on Dependency in Monkeys

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  1. The implication of these experiments on the use of daycare for children is quite harsh. It's why we need more mothers at home raising children until they've gone through the early phases of growth (until about 5-6) when they've established emapthy and all that good stuff.

  2. To make it more interesting every other day. The cuddle mom should have spikes.
    Where it would not be so comfortable. Being comfortable vs the other one might have scude the test.
    We need to do them over again.

  3. Ridiculas,they have to expierment to figure out the obviose, that's insane. They were getting paid for this no doubt. They are so proud of themselves telling themselves this is utterly important so called research…How much did it cost to make a special monster robot monkey ,thousands of U.S. DOLLARS.. wouldn't doubt it.

  4. He had many crueler experiments, including one where "baby monkeys were left alone in darkness for up to one year from birth, or repetitively separated from their peers and isolated in the chamber." so, theres that

  5. This guy Harlow showed us through experimentation that monkeys need motherly love. This was not cruel. Perhaps all these women crying about how cruel this is. Should look into that choice they keep fighting for. You know the one where they can rip a growing fetus from their own woumbs. See these women actually hate Harlow because he brought up a few points that most of these women would probably fail to do.
    Now as for true cruelty. How about my thoughts of chopping the little fkers foot off. And using it as a perfectly sized keychain. Not for good luck. Nope. I'd keep it to remind me of the look on that varmints face after he looked down and noticed his handfoot missing. See. That's cruelty.
    ps.. I did like Harlow's experiment where he placed one of these vial creatures in a V-shaped small chamber. To where it's sight, hearing, companionship, and so on was totally removed, permanently. Ok so that was a bit cruel. But… After they stayed in this position for endless months. For some reason they preferred to stay in that position. Perhaps it was due to total loss of any actions whatsoever. It kind of became too overwhelming to be out of the v shaped box. Tootle-looooo!!!!

  6. Когда читал об этом думал, что это похоже на правду. Посмотрев видео стало ясно, что 1-ую "мать" (левую) обезьянка использует просто чтоб кормиться, а 2-ую (правую) чтоб отдыхать, прятаться (как более комфортное и приятное место и со временем привычное; а 1-ое место для постоянного нахождения ужасно). А привязывать это все к материнству не имеет смысла. Нарушение же поведения получилось из-за отсуствия "нормального" примера поведения сородичей (т.к. неоткуда было его "копировать") => когда обезьянку пытаются спаривать или посадить к другим она оказывается не одна что приводит ее в стрессовое состояние (т.к. ранее подобного обыта у нее небыло). За такое оказывается выдают премию науки D:

  7. Scientifically this study was abysmal. Harlow's "wire mother" resembled nothing even close to any type of primate, while the cloth mother has the larger eyes, facial features, ears. The infant is able to identify that. It wasn't just because it was "soft" that the baby monkey latched to it, it's because it actually somewhat resembled a living creature rather than chicken wire with a Styrofoam head and button eyes.

    It's like saying, hey! If we scare this toddler shitless with a robot, do you think he'll run to the other robot with a cupcake or the mannequin that actually resembles the human form! Not to mention the ethical issues.

  8. as much as it is a bias opinion that this experiment is valid but honestly very unethical. Its like a child but would anyone do that to a human child?? did anyone remember that humans were monkeys once in a while before the evolution.

  9. I would like to see what reaction the baby monkey has if you go into the room and pull him from the "cloth mother" and act like you're tearing it to pieces… it would be fascinating to see if it caused it to attack and then it would be fun to hurt the evil monkey by cutting its fingers off one by one. I would LOVE that!!! TRULY…i'm not some internet troll trying to provoke. Monkeys are THE WORST animals on earth except for apes…..ALL APES should be terminated then all but the most wild monkeys should be killed and the only ones that should be spared are the ones taht feed the TRULY Beautiful animals in the world, like Large Cats, Snakes and anything else that eats monkeys…..

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