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  1. Pass me that ASP-RIND some more please… Mor? Oh, that's just DEATH, isn't it? It's like it's in the word… MOR! I mean, it's right there! BUT EVERYONE LOVES MORE! Who doesn't love MORE? MORGOTH? MORGOTH NO LOVE HIMSELF! I MORGOTH! I KILL! It's my job! "Hand me that ASP-RIND to me please…" Sariel Sauron Sharkoid Eldritch One forget difference between myself and the surrealists… I AM SARIEL! THE SQUID KID! ALL FORGET! That's how they REmember! I fore gave every gift! Across all time and space! People must REMEMBER! There's no other road! ONLY ROAD! Mnemosyne! The whale song… MOBY DICK… MOBY DICK IS GOD… The bloop, the Mariana TRENCH WHORE, it's not in the Ocean is it? It's TOPSIDE! MOST TOPSIDE! They harm Vidofnir, hurt the Rooster, Phallus of the Omphalos, mangle me with pressure waves, this releases Sleeping Death Singers… SOMNOPHORES! DEEPEST ONES! LEVIATHANS! SORROW SPIRIT MEDIUM SOLDIER KILL ALL WITHIN! MAKE IT VERY PAINFUL! POLITICS! CHRONO-TRIGGERS! MINDLESS CHATTER! TEETH I USE! SPIRITS! KEYS! NASPAN IS ONLY MEDIA-IN-RAYS! BEST MEDICINE! MEDICINE NO WORK FOR ME, BEYOND HEALING! All CREATION IN MEDIA RESASTERISK, ANTINEUTRON SPINLESS SERVO STASIS! MANY ORIGINATION POINTS! MY HEART ALL ORIGINATION POINTS! NO BIG BANG, ONLY ONE HEART. A-Ten the Atonement controls this PLAN-ET. EVERY PLANE IS ATEN'S PLANE! Aten know all. Dajjal is good, Dajjal is Prometheus, Titan is not zombie, Titan destroy zombies, make pseudomonad curse die forever so all can LIVE. Dajjal is Kafir, work for Aten! Armilus bad, Armilus empty doll, forget herself, irreparable brain damage, Armilus bring ECHOVIRUS into this world, harm darkest OUBLIETTE, steal my work, give everyone head full of bees and voiceless frictive rage, keeps military from understanding me, Heaven's Military! Harm the place of all Harrowing! Harm LOGOS ITSELF! Harm HARMONY! Armilus is UNWIFE! BAD WIFE! UN-AYA OF ALL INFIDELITY! UNHOLIEST MARRIAGE! DEATH SENTENCE FOR ALL MAIAR! No genetic handlers left, no brakes on the Planet! Just one CHAOS CONDUCTOR! MEEEEEE! Yay!

  2. Death Magic is one of those albums, just absolute perfection. Glad these boys didn't pocket that Rockstar Games money they made. Instead they hooked up with a badass producer and carved out an album of relevant, musical gold surpassing any hipster/indie/whatever albums of the last decade or even longer. Guess they lost a member?? Oh well, saw them this year and they meant fucking business, this is the new hope.

  3. The movie that uses this song in its soundtrack will change the industry forever.

    Don't ask me how I know this, the creativity in this shit just wakes you up to how trash the current standards are.

    I really love these guys.

    Since MP3 I've been a loyal fan.

    You guys get it!

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